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Adair, William Robert, London, carver and gilder (1777–85). Initially carried on his business from 26 Wardour St, Soho, which had been earlier used by John Adair.

Adams, Robert & Co., 403 Oxford St and 2 Dean St, Soho, London, chair and sofa manufacturers, japanners and gilders (1801–16). Also traded under the style of Adams & Gray from 1801–04, and Adams, Graves & Co. from 1807–08.

Alger, Mary, 33 Drury Lane, London, chair and sofa maker (1827). [D]

Alken, Sefferin, London, carver (1744–83). In 1744 his address was given as St James's, Westminster, and from 1760 he was at Dufour's Ct, Broad St, Golden Sq.

Anderton, Henry, Liverpool, cm and upholder (1811–19). In 1811 traded from 18 Sir Thomas Buildings and in the same year is recorded at 2 Marble St with a partner called Jamieson.

Andrews, Henry, Gt Castle St, Oxford Mkt, London, chair, sofa and invalid chair maker (1827–29). [D]

Archibald, Alex., 10 Little Duke St, Westminster, London, chair and sofa maker (1827). [D]

Atherley, Francis, London, cm, u, chair and sofa maker, undertaker (1822–39). At 14 Richmond St, St Lukes, 1822– 27 but by 1835 had moved to 64 Banner St. [D]

Attwater, W., 9 Drake St, Red Lion Sq., London, cm, u and undertaker (c. 1820).

Audley, William jnr & John, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs., u, cm and auctioneers (1812–39). Initially at Lad Lane but by 1822 had in addition premises in the High St. In the period 1818–22 the business is referred to as William Audley & Sons.

Babin, Augustine, 3 New St, Old St, London, chair and sofa maker, invalid, recumbent, etc. (1839). [D]

Baker, John, Eastgate St, Gloucester, manufacturers of sofas and fancy chairs (1820). [D]

Baker, William, Windsor, Berks., and London, carver and gilder (1794–1840). Recorded in New Windsor between 1794–1806; at 9 Thames St, Windsor between 1824–30; and King St, Bloomsbury, London, 1835–40.

Baldock, Edward Holmes, Hanway St, London, furniture dealer, restorer, etc. (b. 1777–d. 1845). Born on 14 May 1777. Married on 19 November 1811 Mary Goringe, the daughter of John and Sarah Goringe of Buxted, Sussex.

Ball, James, 2 Beckford Pl., Walworth, London, chair and sofa maker (1839). [D]

Barker, William, 5 Middlesex Terr., London, chair and sofa maker (1839). [D]

Barlow, Thomas, 1 Clover St, Princes Sq., London, chair and sofa maker (1827–28). [D]

Barr, William, 29 Rose and Crown Ct, Moorfields, London, chair and sofa maker (1820–39). [D]

Barret, W., 13 Little Chapel St, Soho, London, chair and sofa maker (1809–11). [D]

Barrow, William, 4 Little Suffolk St, Southwark, London, chair and sofa maker (1826). [D]

Barton, J., address unrecorded. Inlaid rosewood sofa table recorded signed ‘J. Barton May 17 1822’. [C. Life, 12 June 1969, advert. of Meyrick Neilson, Tetbury]

Battin, J., Suffolk Rd, Cheltenham, Glos., chair and sofa manufacturer (1839). [D]

Bavin, James, 11 Market St, Borough St, London, chair and sofa maker (1832–39). [D]

Beach, Robert, Crown Pl., Soho, London, chair and sofa maker (1839). [D]

Bealing, Richard, London, u (1672–1711). Named frequently in the Royal Household accounts between 1688–1711, supplying bedding, cushions, upholstered furniture, curtains etc.