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Cuenot, John Antoine, Warwick St, Golden Sq., London, carver (1744–62). Although included in Mortimer's London Directory of 1763 he had probably died the year previously and the John Cuenot at this address in 1763 was his son.

Mayhew, John (1736–d. 1811) and Ince, William (d. 1804)

London; cabinet makers (1758/59–1804) 

Rosson, Andrew, Liverpool, u, appraiser and auctioneer (1766–1810). Addresses given at Chapel St, 1766–71; Harrington St in 1769; 1 Dale St in 1772; warehouse at 34 School Lane in 1781; no.

Urquhart, Thomas, Lord St, Liverpool, u and carpet dealer (1833–39). Trading at no. 59 in 1833; no. 53 in 1835; no. 65 with shop at no. 54 in 1837; and no. 76 in 1839.