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Bateman, John

‘The Golden Ball’ by the Dytchside, Holborn Bridge, London; cabinet maker (fl.1708)

Bolt, Thomas, 28 Margaret St, Cavendish Sq., London, cm (1837–38).

Bott, Thomas, London, cm and u (1816–39). Addresses given at 10–11 Gt Portland St, Oxford St 1816–31, and 28 Margaret St, 1832–39. [D] Supplied furniture to Streatlam Castle, Co. Durham, receipts for which are dated July 1829 and January 1830.

Channon, John

109 St Martin's Lane, London; cabinet maker (b. 1711–d. c. 1783)

Chipchase, Robert & Lambert, Robert

London; cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1767–88)

Connery, Patrick

Limerick, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl.1769-75)

Cooke, John, Chester, cm (1765–89). Free 18 February 1765 after serving as app. under Philip Prestbury of Chester, cm. By 1771 had set up in business in Eastgate St.

Davis, George

Dublin, Ireland; upholder and cabinet maker (fl. 1750-55)


Lancaster and London; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl.c.1730–after 1840)

Haupt, Georg

London; cabinet maker (b. 1741–d. 1784)

Hoddinet, —, Sherborne, Dorset, cm (1763). Supplied a ‘Norway Oak Bureau’ to the Rev. James Woodforde of Ansford, Som., on 3 October 1763, costing £3 3s. On 15 October 1763 valued the contents of a house at Wells belonging to James Woodforde's uncle.

Johnstone, Joseph

Loch Winnoch, Scotland; furniture makers (fl. 1912)

Registered a new design for dining chairs in 1912; an oak elbow chair from such a set is illus. Agius (1978), p. 133.

Lawson, John, Pall Mall, London, upholder (1718–22). The location in Pall Mall is given as ‘Against Pall Mall Court’ in 1720, ‘next door to the Royal Oak’ in 1721 and on the north side in 1722. His dwelling house here was insured for £300 in 1722.

Lebetkin, Harris & Louis

East End & Hackney, London; cabinet makers (fl.1905-78)

Lebus, Louis & Harris

London; furniture makers (fl.1887-1969)

Mason, Daniel, London, cm and u (1749–74). Recorded at the ‘Golden Ball’, corner of Newport St, Long Acre in 1756, and King St, Covent Gdn, 1749–74. Polled at Westminster in 1749. Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754.

Mead, William, address unrecorded, cm (1794). Lady Northampton, the Hon. Mrs Leigh, ordered furniture from Mead for the Mansion House at Leighton.

Nix, George

Covent Garden, London; cabinet maker (fl.1716–51)

Palleday (Palliday), William

‘The Crown’, Aldermanbury, London; cabinet maker (fl. 1706-1735)

Salmon, Robert, Bristol, cm (1754–c.1785). Shown living in the parish of St Nicholas from 1754–84 and in 1775 at 9 Bristol Back. In 1762 took app. named Williams.