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Bateman, John

‘The Golden Ball’ by the Dytchside, Holborn Bridge, London; cabinet maker (fl.1708)

Bell, Elizabeth

‘The White Swan’, against the South Gate, St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet maker (1740–c. 1758).

Bennet(t), Samuel

‘at the Sign of the Cabinet’, Lothbury, London, cabinet maker (c. 1695–d. 1741).

Bonnel(l), Thomas

133 Long Acre, London; upholder and cabinet maker (1744–d.1782)

Brunswick, Myrthil; Brunswick Brothers

Newman Street, London; cabinet makers, buhl makers, inlayers (fl.1850-71)

Connery, Patrick

Limerick, Ireland; cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1768-88)

Cooke, Isaac

Bath, Som.; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1765–1778)

Custance, William

Norwich & Fakenham, Norfolk; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1788-94)

Davis, George

Dublin, Ireland; upholder and cabinet maker (fl. 1750-55)

Recorded at Kevin's Port 1750-5.

Dingwall, Alexander, Leicester Fields, Charing Cross, London, upholder and cm (1749–74). Polled at Westminster in 1749.

Edmonds, William, Oxford, then Burford, joiner, cm, carpenter and chairmaker (1775–79). Opened a shop in High St, near All Saints on 21 October 1775.

Fish, Peter

Hopton, Suffolk; cabinet maker (fl.1744–d. 1788)

Fogg, J., London, chinaman to His Majesty (1824–28). Trading at 150 Regent St, 1826–28. Submitted a bill to Lord Gwydir for work done between 2 March 1824 and 15 April 1826, totalling £177 15s 8d.


Lancaster and London; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl.c.1730–after 1840)

Gray, —

address unknown; cabinet maker (1755)

Received payment of £2 10s for a walnut bureau, and £3 19s for four dressing tables and a pillar table supplied to Holkham Hall, Norfolk. [Holkham Hall accounts].

Hildebrand, —, temporarily in London, ‘Proprietor and Maker of the most Magnificent Cabinet in the World’. A notice, c. 1780, advertised the spectacle of his extraordinary cabinet at ‘Mr.

Hodson, John, London, upholder and cm (1709–86). Son of Thomas Hodson, innholder of Lincoln. App. to Thomas Arne jnr on 23 February 1709, and admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by servitude on 3 December 1718. Took app.

Hodson, Robert

at ‘The Cabinet’, Frith St, Soho, London; cabinet maker (fl.1712–24)

Lawson, John, Pall Mall, London, upholder (1718–22). The location in Pall Mall is given as ‘Against Pall Mall Court’ in 1720, ‘next door to the Royal Oak’ in 1721 and on the north side in 1722. His dwelling house here was insured for £300 in 1722.

Lebus, Louis & Harris

London; furniture makers (fl.1887-1969)