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Young, Henry, King's Lynn, Norfolk, cm (1813–14). App. to James Oldmeadow, cm, and admitted freeman, 1813–14. [King's Lynn freemen calendar]

Young, Henry, Union St, Maidstone, Kent, cm and u (1832–39). [D]

Young, Henry, Stone-Cutter St, Fleet Mkt, London, chairmaker (1796–1807). Trading at no. 28, 1805–07. Served as Constable at St Bride's in 1796. [D; GL, MS 6561, p. 123]

YOUNG, HenryKing's Lynn; cabinet maker (1813/4)

Apprenticed to James Oldmeadow, free 1813/4.

Young, Hickman, London, u (1753–87). Recorded at 4 Ironmonger Lane, Cheapside, 1753–68; and 51 Hatton Gdn (or St), 1771–87. [D] Heal records Young & Hickman, u, at 51 Hatton Gdn in 1777, possibly wrongly.

Young, I., address unrecorded. Good quality rosewood sofa table, c. 1810–20, recorded stamped ‘I. YOUNG’.

Young, Jacob

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1671

Son of Thomas Young, Grasier, of Neiland, Dorset. Apprenticed to Thomas Tisdale for 7 years, from 24 Jul 1671.

Young, Jacob

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1677

Son of Robert Young, Smith, of Enfield, Middlesex. Apprenticed to Henry Bache for 7 years, from 6 Nov 1677.

Young, James, Piccadilly, London, cm (1749). [Poll bk]

Young, James

2 Queen Street by Marlborough Street, London; upholsterer (1805–39)

Young, James, Halifax, Yorks., cm and u (1828–37). Recorded at Crown St, 1828–29; Hall End in 1830; and 46 Swine Mkt in 1837. [D]

Young, James, 2 Francis St, Newington, London, cm and undertaker (1839). [D]

Young, James, London, chair manufacturer (1820–23). Recorded at 18 Duke St, Westminster in 1820 and 20 Norfolk St, Southwark, 1821–23. [D]

Young, James

Belfast, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl.1805-08)

Recorded at 9 Church Lane, Belfast, 1805-8.

Source: Glin & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 291.

Young, James

2 Arnold Place, Walworth, London; upholsterer (fl.1845)

Young, James

12 John Street, Oxford Street, London; upholsterer (fl.1845)

Young, James

78 Amelia Street, Walworth Road, London; cabinet maker (fl.1871)

Young, James

Wellow, Nottinghamshire (Northeast region); chair maker (fl.1841)

Young, James

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1706

Son of James Young, Mariner, of St. John Wapping, Middlesex. Apprenticed to John Ward for 7 years, from 4 June 1706.

Young, James

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1685

Made free by servitude on 3 Nov 1685.

By consent of his master Henry Bache

Young, James

James Young son of Keneath Young Gentleman of St Dunstans in the West, Middlesex apprenticed to Charles Rodd from 3 July 1739 for 7 years.

Source: Guildhall Library, MS 8052/5, f. 211.

Young, James junior

13 Arnold Place, Walworth, London; cabinet maker (fl.1845)

Young, James Mates, Bristol, cm (1782). Declared bankrupt, Leicester Journal, 4 May 1782.

Young, John, Worcester, later London, u (1768–86). Described as ‘late of the City of Worcester’ on 6 July 1768 when admitted freeman of the Upholders’ Co. by redemption. Recorded at High Holborn in 1772, and Kentish Town, 1781–86. [GL, Upholders’ Co.