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Yates, Edward, London Rd, Manchester, u and cm (1828–29). Trading at no. 107 in 1828–29 and also no. 67 in 1829. [D]

Yates, Edward

Edward Yates son of William Yates deceased Sawyer of St Pauls Covent Garden, Middlesex apprenticed to Thomas Sunth from 1 August 1732 for 7 years. Premium of £10 0s 0d.

Yates, George

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1671

Son of George Yates, Baker, of Walden, Northamptonshire. Apprenticed to Philip Croste for 7 years, from 21 Nov 1671.

Yates, George

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1680

Apprentice of Phillipp Crofts, was admitted to the Freedom on 05/10/1680 by Servitude.

Per indenture 5 Nov 1671 for 7 years

Yates, Haywood and Drabble

London; metal workers (fl.1862)

Exhibited a cast iron hall stand at the 1862 London International Exhibition (illus. Meyer (2006), p.134).

Yates, Henry, Liverpool, cm (1784). Admitted freeman on 2 April 1784. [Liverpool freemen reg.]

Yates, Henry, Liverpool, cm (1818–30). Recorded at 16 Pall Mall, 1818–21; and 8 Bixteth St and Pine Pl., Ford St some time between 1818–30. Admitted freeman on servitude to Thomas Gorton on 11 June 1818. Stated as ‘not dead 18 Oct. 1830’.

Yates, Isaac, Nantwich, Cheshire, chairmaker (1768). Son Thomas bapt. on 2 April 1768. [Chester RO, PR (bapt.)]

Yates, Jacob

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1681

Son of Thomas Yates, Labourer, of Somersby, Leicestershire. Apprenticed to William Hickman for 7 years, from 1 Mar 1680.

Yates, James, Otley, Yorks., joiner, cm and builder (1828–34). Recorded at Clapgate, 1828–29 and Bridegate in 1830. [D]

Yates, James & Whitworth, John, Bordesley, parish of Aston, Warks., coffin furniture, picture and looking-glass frame makers (1779). Insured utensils and stock for £1,200 in 1779. [GL, Sun MS vol. 276, p. 225]

Yates, John, York, u (1733–48). Recorded as son of Joanna Yates, widow, app. to George Reynoldson, u, on 26 November 1733; and as son of John Yates, pinner and hosier, admitted freeman in 1739.

Yates, John, Rotherham, Yorks., cm (1798). [D] A John Yates of Sheffield subscribed to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793.

Yates, John

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1654

Son of William Yates, Joiner, of Castlecomb, Wiltshire. Apprenticed to John Yates for 7 years, from 6 Nov 1654.

Yates, John

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1661

Son of George Yates, Yeoman, of Chapel Brampton, Northamptonshire. Apprenticed to Richard Gardiner for 7 years, from 29 May 1661.

Yates, John

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1682

Son of John Yates, Husbandman, of Langarhan, Herefordshire. Apprenticed to John Yates for 7 years, from 2 May 1682.

Apprenticed to a relative. Apprenticed a relative

Yates, John

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1668

Was admitted to the Freedom on 03/08/1668 by Patrimony.

Yates, Jonathan

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1701

Son of George Yates, Cit. & Joiner, of London. Apprenticed to George Yates for 7 years, from 7 Oct 1701.

Apprenticed to his father.

Yates, Jonathan

Joiners' Company Member

Freedom 1710

Apprentice of George Yates, was admitted to the Freedom on 04/07/1710 by Servitude.

Per indenture 7 Oct 1701 for 7 years

Yates, Lawrence

Joiners' Company Apprentice

Apprenticeship 1663

Son of Thomas Yates, Yeoman, of Blackburn, Lancaster. Apprenticed to Stephen Beargar for 7 years, from 7 Apr 1663.

Yates, Richard, Horse Mkt St, Warrington, Lancs., cm (1822). [D]

Yates, Richard, London, carver and gilder, cm and u (1826–39). Trading at 55 Judd St, Brunswick Sq., 1826–28, and 7 Charlotte St, Tottenham Ct, Rd, 1837–39. [D]

Yates, Robert, 55 Judd St, Brunswick Sq., London, carver and gilder (1825). [D]

Yates, Sarah, Mount St, Birmingham, u (1828–35). Listed at no. 42 in 1828–30 and no. 43 in 1835. [D]