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Boulnois, John

44 South Moulton Street and 14 Charlotte Street, Rathbone Place, London; upholder (fl.1837-60)

Brown, John Cossons, Market Pl., Blandford, Dorset, cm, u and designer (1836–40). Took app. named Cornelius Weaver Doe in 1836 for five years at a charge of £95 including food and lodging.

Coade, Eleanor and her successors, London (1769–c. 1840). Eleanor Coade (b. 1733–d. 1821) made an artificial stone at Narrow Wall, Lambeth, which so successfully imitated natural limestone that it has been mistaken for it ever since.

Coombes, J. J

49 Holywell St, Strand, London, carver and gilder (1839)


Lancaster and London; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl.c.1730–after 1840)

Jackson & Graham 

Oxford St, London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (1836–85)  

Liberty & Co.

Regent Street, London; furniture makers and retailers (1875-2020)

Maw, S., London. Impressed mark recorded on the base of a small 19th-century mahogany wall cabinet with two plain glazed doors. Possibly a Victorian piece.

Priest, W

London; auctioneer, appraiser and upholder (fl. 1837–40)

Reilly, James snr. and jnr.

Manchester; chair makers (fl.1835-1913)

Seddon, T & G; Pritchard & Seddon; Seddon & Co.

Aldergate Street and Gray’s Inn Road, London; cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl. 1815-1870) 

Snell, William and Edward; Snell & Co.

London; upholders (fl.1788–c.1871)  

Steel, Thomas, 128 Kirkgate, Leeds, Yorks., cm and furniture warehouse (1826–30). A set of six early Victorian mahogany dining chairs have been noted stamped ‘T STEEL’. [D]

Taprell, Stephen & Holland, William, London, cm, u, chair and sofa manufacturers (c. 1803–35) succeeded by Taprell, Holland & Son (1835–43).

Vokins, John

London; carver, gilder and picture restorer (1820–c.1850)