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Colbrand, -

London; chair maker or carver? (fl.1832)

Marks, M., and Henry
93 Blackman St, Southwark, London; carver and gilder (fl.1835–after 1840)

A rococo giltwood looking glass, c.

Merle, Thomas

at ‘The Golden Key’, 36 Leadenhall St, London; picture frame maker, carver and gilder, print seller (fl.1782–1826)

New, John

8 Aldgate High St; London, carver and gilder (1820–39)

Palmer, William

Strand, London; carver, gilder and print seller (1780–90)

Schofield, -

London; chair maker or gilder (fl.1832)

Smith, John

London, carver and gilder (1804–27)

Walker, Elizabeth

London; carver, gilder and print seller (1790–1807)