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Beaner, J.

London; marquetry maker (fl.1890)

Bowen, Alfred T.

London; furniture maker (fl.1891-d.1948)

Britnell, J.

Buckinghamshire; chair maker (fl.1890)

Davoll, Henry (Harry)

Liverpool, Lancs. & Daneway, Gloucestershire; cabinet maker (fl. 1901-c.1940)

Gardiner, Edward

Daneway, Gloucestershire & Leamington, Warwickshire; chair maker (fl.1903-d.1958)

Gardiner, Harry

Sapperton, Gloucestershire; metal worker (fl.c.1904-1929)

Kenton & Co.

London; furniture makers (fl.1891-2)

Lupton, Geoffrey

Daneway, Gloucestershire & Froxfield, Hampshire; cabinet maker (fl.1905-23)

Smith, Ernest

London & Daneway, Gloucestershire; cabinet maker (b.1876-d.1967)

Spooner, Charles Sydney

London; architect, designer & workshop owner (fl.1862-1938)