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Dobson, William

Strand, London; hardware man and stationer, &c. (1797-1847)

Eckhardt, Anthony George

London, cabinet maker (fl. 1771–98)

Edwards, David

21 King St, Bloomsbury Sq., London; writing and dressing case maker to the Royal Family, inventor of the patent military travelling cases (1813–d. 1848) 

Gatehouse, John

‘The Golden Ball’ by the Ditch-side, near Holborn Bridge, London, cabinet maker (fl.1700-30)

Hewlin(s), Peter
Strand, London; cabinet maker and upholder, Tunbridge manufacturer (fl.1802–14)

Trading at no. 2, 1802–03, and no. 164, 1807–14. Named in Sheraton's list of master cabinet makers, 1803.

Hicks, James

26 Wigmore St, Cavendish Sq., London; cabinet maker (1809–37)

Middleton, Nicholas

162 Strand, London, pocket book and pencil maker, cabinet maker and dealer in cutlery and hardware (1801–10)

Morgan & Sanders

16 and 17 Catherine St, Strand, London; cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1801–20)

Newton, James

Wardour St, London; upholsterer, cabinet maker, decorator, appraiser, agent, undertaker (b.1760-d.1829)

Webb, Martha

Hammersmith, London; chair maker (b. 1756-d.1822)