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Cave, Thomas

Essex Street, Dublin, Ireland; scientific instrument maker (d.1749)

Dobson, William

Strand, London; hardware man and stationer, &c. (1797-1847)

Goodman, Richard

62 Sun St, Bishopsgate, London; cabinet maker, upholder and appraiser (1807–22)

Jackson & Graham 

Oxford St, London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (1836–85)  

Johnstone, Jupe & Co.; Johnstone and Jeanes & Co.; Johnstone and Norman

Levien, J. H.

Davies Street, London; cabinet makers (fl.1844-1865)

Lund, Thomas

56 and 57 Cornhill, London; portable desk manufacturer, cutler and dressing case maker (1819–39)

Mansfield, C. & Sons

London; cabinet makers (fl.1860-1950)

Merrifield, George

No. 13 Great Turnstile, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London; ivory turner and maker of games tables, boards and men (fl.1818-26).

Moore, William

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl.1768-1814)

Nielsen, F. C.

London; cabinet maker & joiner (fl.1893-1907)

Rattee, James; Rattee & Kett

Sidney Street, Cambridge; wood carver (fl.1809-1904)

Vokins, John

London; carver, gilder and picture restorer (1820–c.1850)