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Attwater, W., 9 Drake St, Red Lion Sq., London, cm, u and undertaker (c. 1820).

Barron, James

Oxford St, London and Lower Temple St, Birmingham; cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1805-39)

Bevan, Edward

Air St, Piccadilly, London; carpenter and blind maker (fl. 1772-1778)

Blain, Thomas, Liverpool, u and carpet warehouse owner (1816–37). Address given at 55 Mt Pleasant, 1816–34; 18 Paradise St, 1827–37; in partnership with Arbuthnot at 3 Manesty St with shop at 17 Paradise St, 1834–35; and in partnership with A. T.

Chew, William

12 Lord St, Liverpool, Lancs.; upholder and cabinet maker (b. 1784–d. 1824)

Cliffe, Joseph, Chester, u, cm, auctioneer and appraiser (1823–33). in 1818–19 recorded at Bold St but at this period he was probably employed in the business of his uncle Samuel Davies in Foregate St. He was in his uncle's employ for 17 years.

Davies (or Davis), Samuel, Chester, u, cm and auctioneer (b. c. 1770–d. 1829). Trading in Eastgate St, 1797–1805; Foregate St, 1812–30; and no. 132 in 1828; in partnership with Cliffe in 1822. Admitted freeman on 23 January 1798.

Deering, William, Gt Newport St, Long Acre, London, Venetian blind and game table maker and retailer (1769). Advertised in Middlesex Journal, 16 May 1769, as the ‘original maker of Venetian blinds.

Francis, Stephen, Walworth, London, cm, u and undertaker (1826–39). Trading also as Venetian blind maker at 2 Hampton St in 1826; and listed at 52 Trafalgar St (or Sq.), 1835–39. [D]

Harris, Thomas, 9 New St and 19 New Summer St, Birmingham, u, furnishing draper, carpet dealer and paper hanger (1829–35). Submitted bill to Mr Lloyd, 1829–30, totalling £1 14s 8d for ‘Gothic Chintz’.

Higgs, Thomas, 248 Whitechapel Rd, London, cm, u and broker in household goods (1802–39). Recorded at no. 245 in 1802.

Jackson & Graham 

Oxford St, London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (1836–85)  

Jenkins, John, 9 Broad Weir, Bristol, cm, u and undertaker (1833–40). From 1835 featured the manufacture of Venetian blinds. [D]

Kidwell, John, 88 Wimpole St, Cavendish Sq., London, upholder and cm (1778–92). In 1778 insured his house for £500 but no cover taken out for trade stock.

Lurton, Thomas, Liverpool, u (1803–11). Commenced business in Church St at number 33 but this was changed to 40 by 1805. This first venture was not a success and in October 1805 Lurton was obliged to assign all his property to meeting his debts.

Male, Robert, Hotwells, Bristol, cm, u and undertaker (1825–35). Trading at 9 Caroline Pl. in 1825; 11 Dowry Sq., 1826–35; and as a Venetian and Indian blindmaker from 1827. [D]

Mears, John, London, then Philadelphia, USA, u, cm, chair and Venetian blind maker (before 1788).

Moor(e), Thomas, Whitechapel, London, upholder, cm and broker (1768–86). Recorded ‘near the Old Angel & Crown Tavern in Whitechapel’, 1775–81; 5 Whitechapel in 1781; and no. 136, 1781–86. Son of John Moore, freeman musician and cm of Whitechapel.

Morris & Cupis(s), 15 St Paul's Churchyard, with manufactory at 10 St Bennet's Hill, Doctors Commons, London, cabinet and chair manufacturers, upholders, appraisers and auctioneers (1789).

Naylor, Thomas, Liverpool, u (1803–24). At Byrom St where the number was 14 in 1804, 33 in 1805 and 29 in 1807. He was probably the Naylor, u who subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Oakey, —, Liverpool, cm (1819). On 10 December 1819 Messrs Taylor & Pinnington advertised the coming sale of Oakey's utensils and stock ‘on the Premises 25 Tarleton-street Church-street’.