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Affleck, James, Parliament St, Westminster, London, cm and corn chandler (1744–78). Subscriber to Chippendale's Director, 1754.

Anderson, James, address unrecorded, cm (1754). Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754.

Annott & Gale; Charles Annott & Co.

New Bond Street, Old Bond Street, Euston Road and Avery Row, London; furniture makers & curiosity dealers (fl.c.1850-83)

Badger, Matthew, London, picture-frame maker (1761). Described as ‘late of St. Andrew, Holborn’ when discharged from Debtors’ Prison. [London Gazette, 26 September 1761] A Mr Badger, carver, subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754.

Baildon, Thomas, Blake St, Stonegate, York, u, appraiser, undertaker and auctioneer (1762–1798). Son of William Baildon, tailor, and Sarah Baildon. App. to Robert Barker jnr u, 1 May 1762. Admitted freeman 1785.

Balgingham, John

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker (b.c.1744-fl.c.1780)

Barber, John, London, cm (1755). Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1755.

Barber, John, York(?), cm (1754). Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754. A John Barber, York, was app. to Thomas Jackson, carpenter, in 1725 for 7 years. [York app. reg.]

Barefoote, Josiah, London, cm and u (d. 1744). Sale of stock announced in Daily Advertiser, 19 May 1744: ‘The Upholstery & Cabinet Goods of Mr Josiah Barefoote, deceas'd within Two Doors of Durham Yard in the Strand, viz.

Barker, Robert snr, at the ‘Sopha Dome Beds’, Petergate, York, u, appraiser and undertaker (b. 1706–d. 1781). Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754. Son of John Barker, u of Petergate, bapt.

Belchier, Thomas

address unrecorded, cabinet maker (1754).

Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754.

Source: DEFM.

Bell, Philip

St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet maker and upholder (1758–74) 

Benson, William, Cross Lane, Long Acre, London, cm (1740–74). App. to Richard Wood of York from 1 May 1740–47, very possibly meeting Chippendale as co-app., and later becoming his foreman in London.

Bertram, William; Bertram & Son

London; upholsterer, looking glass maker, carver, gilder and cabinet maker (fl.1839-1902)

Bijar, Robert and Mary

Dublin, Ireland; japanners and wallpaper sellers (fl.1742-69)

Robert Bijar was recorded in Abbey Street, 1742-9, where he died in 1749. He was succeeded by his widow, Mary.

Bisset(t) (or Birset), John

London cabinet maker, cabinet and upholstery warehouseman, sworn appraiser and undertaker (c. 1760–93)

Bland, John, Hanover Sq., St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, cm (1754–65). Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754. Took app. named Joseph Elms in 1761 for £5 5s. Took out a Sun Fire policy in 1765 for £1,000. [S of G, app. index; GL, Sun MS ref.

Blenkinsop(p) (or Blenkinshop), Peter jnr, Durham, u (1754–62). Recorded in Market Pl. before 1762, and Sadler St from 1762.

Bodham, Philip, ‘The Three Chairs’, Bartholomew Close, West Smithfield, London, u (1719–24). ‘Was partner with the late Mr. John Hibbert, is now remov'd to the next door’, as above.