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Bullock, George

Birmingham, Liverpool and London; sculptor, cabinet maker and designer (d.1818)

Clark, Samuel B.

14b Dean Street, Soho, London; upholsterer, cabinet maker (fl.1845-51)

Graefe, Theodore

London; buhl cutter & marquetry inlayer (fl.1882-91)

Hofman, John; Hofman & Co.

London; buhl cutter, art cabinet maker, wood carvers and sculptors (fl.1891-1895)

Kahn, E. & Company; Kahn, Edmond

London and Paris; wholesale and fancy furniture makers and importers of French furniture (fl.c.1890-1925)

Lawrence & Burness

8 Gray’s Inn Passage, Red Lion Street, Holborn, London; furniture restorers and marqueteurs (fl.1881)

Le Gaigneur, Louis Constantin(?)

19 Queen Street, London; maker/supplier of ‘buhl’ furniture (fl.c.1814-21)

Lovett, William

London; cabinet maker (b. 1800-d.1877)

Nusser, Charles

51 Whitfield Street, Fitzroy Square, London; buhl cutter (fl.1882)

Parker, George Wall

London, cabinet maker (fl.1818–30) 

Parker, Thomas

London; cabinet maker and buhl manufacturer (fl. 1805–34)

Paul, John

10 Union Mews, Middlesex Hospital, London; buhl cutter (fl.1891)

Perkins & Co.

Shoreditch, London; chair & couch manufacturer and cane & willow chair makers (fl.1873-86)

Reich, Henry & Sons, Charles

London; cabinet makers, marquetery and buhl cutters (fl. 1861-95)

Snell, William and Edward; Snell & Co.

London; upholders, cabinet makers, carvers, gilders, bedstead makers, (fl.1788–c.1871)  

Turner, George

8 Ridinghouse Street, London; buhl cutter (fl.1891)