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Chew, William

12 Lord St, Liverpool, Lancs.; upholder and cabinet maker (b. 1784–d. 1824)

Clements, John, George St, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon, cm and u (1822–30). In 1823 at 8 George St. The business was in financial difficulties by the mid 1820s.

Du Vige, Isaac, London, cm (1681). Described by the Threadneedle St Relief in September 1681 as a ‘jeune gentilhomme’, the son of a recently converted Catholic, arrived from Paris ‘last Lord's Day’.

Ed(d)en, John jnr, Liverpool, cm (1760–d. 1802). Addresses given in partnership with Ellen Rigg, cm, at Newmarket in 1765, and Derby Sq., 1766–67; recorded alone at 11 Derby Sq.

Green, Charles

Sheffield, Yorkshire; cabinet makers (fl.1876-1886)

In 1876 his address was listed as 2 Bank Street, Sheffield and from thereon at 5 Howard Street. 

Halls (or Halse), Richard, Ashburton, Devon, cm and auctioneer (1826–30). Trading at North St in 1830.

Kirks, Samuel, Liverpool, u (1731–d. 1785). App. to Charles Aven in 1731. Also had a Chester connection for he is shown in the 1747 poll bk of that city even though he was at this date resident in Liverpool.

McLean, John & Son,

London, cabinet makers and upholders (1770–1825)

Menardeau, Pierre, London, cm or ‘menuisier’ (1681). On 4 December 1681 he arrived from La Forest-sur-Seiurs, his wife dying in childbirth shortly afterwards.

Moisant (Moysant), Jacques, London, cm (‘menuisier’) (b. 1653–1681). Named in the Threadneedle St Relief records on 26 August 1681 as having ‘arrived from Paris last week with wife and two sisters aged 28 & 26. £1.‘ [Hogarth Soc., 1949]

Rogers, Thomas, Strand, London. On 7 November 1786 a patent (no.

Roodhouse and Sons

Cookridge Street, Leeds, Yorkshire; furniture manufacturers (fl.c.1875-84)

Smith, Thomas, Plymouth, Devon, cm (1815). In March 1815 he was confined to the prison of St Thomas, Exeter for debt. His case was due for consideration under an Act for the relief of insolvent debtors.

Taylor, James, Exeter, Devon, carver and gilder (1803–37). Named in the Exeter Militia list, 1803, and in Exeter Pocket Journal, at Cathedral Yd in 1816; High St, 1822; Fore St, 1825–32; New Bridge St, 1834; and Fore St, 1836–37. Son Henry bapt.

Tucker, William Wallace, Exeter, Devon, carver, gilder and picture dealer (1807–d.1848). Described as ‘originally at 60 Portland St, Middlesex’ in Exeter Flying Post.

Vermaltte, Charles (?), London, carver (1680?–1682). In 1680(?) a Jean Vermaltte, schoolmaster, arrived from Dieppe with his son, 18, a carver, and sister-in-law, Sichely. They were granted a total of £2 18s Threadneedle St Relief.