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Alexander, –, address unrecorded (1748). On 13 June 1748 £6 6s was paid by Mrs Bowes to ‘Alexander for a pair of branches lackered’. [Durham RO, D/St/V1488–90]

Barker, A. & Quin, R.

London; dressing case makers etc. (fl.1877)

Batson, J. & Sons

42 Brewer Street, Golden Square, London; fancy cabinet manufacturers and warehousemen (fl.1876-86)

Bell, Elizabeth

‘The White Swan’, against the South Gate, St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet maker (1740–c. 1758).

Benham & Froud

London; metalworkers and wooden coalbox makers (fl.c.1855-c.1893)

Broderip & Wilkinson

13 Haymarket, London; cabinet maker (c.1800-20)

Label recorded on early 19th-century piece of patent furniture.

Burton, —, Stamford, Lincs., carver and gilder (c. 1826–32). Trade card reads: ‘CARVER, GILDER, Looking Glass and Picture Frame Maker, Bookbinder &c. Glasses polished and silvered. Frames made to Pattern. Old Frames Regilt.

Cattle, R.N. & Roelke, C.

Oxford Street, London; carvers & furniture makers (fl.1881)

Clinch, Thomas, ‘The Clock Case’, Long Alley, Moorfields, London, clock case maker and japanner (c. 1730)

Campbell, Collin

The Liver Works, West Derby Street, Liverpool, Lancashire; bedstead & mattress manufacturers, chair & couch manufacturers and general furniture manufacturers (fl.1882-c.1899s)

Collinson and Lock

London; furniture makers, upholsterers, decorators and retailers (fl.1870-1899)

Eield, L.

Birmingham, Warwickshire; maker of furniture for photographers, patentee (fl.1877)

Ellmore, W. T. & Son

Thurmaston, Leicester, Leicestershire. and London; cane, rattan, bamboo and wicker furniture makers (fl.c.1880-1914)

Felster, John

Dublin, Ireland; upholder and auctioneer (fl.1698-1701)

Recorded ‘…over against Mrs Lucas's Coffee House under the Cork Change on Cork Hill’, 1698-1701.

Ferguson, Mary, address unrecorded, cm or furniture dealer (1686).

Fisher, William & F. H.

Paradise Street, West Bromwich, Staffordshire; office & school furniture manufacturers (fl.1884-6)

Gillett, -

Liverpool, Lancashire; chairmaker, designer, patentee (fl.1889)

Globe Foundry

Charlotte Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire; bedstead maker, mattress maker (fl.1880)

Greening & Fardon

Birmingham, Warkwickshire & Bilston, Staffordshire; metallic bedstead manufacturers & retailers (fl.1876-1886)