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Adams, W.                        

Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, Scotland; carver (fl.1884-86)

Aldersey, Thomas
London; glass grinder, cabinet maker and upholder (fl.

Allison, John

Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet maker (fl.1886)

Anderson, George

Edinburgh, Scotland; carver (fl.1763-69)

Anderson, James

Rose St, Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl.1789-1840)

Arnott & Co. Ltd

Henry Street, Dublin, Ireland; cabinet makers (fl.1883-84)

Baker, Robert Sibley

Hargrave, Northamptonshire; carver (b.c.1823-d.c.1897)

Balgingham, John

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker (b.c.1744-fl.c.1780)

Barnsley, Sidney Howard

London & Gloucestershire; furniture designer, furniture maker and architect (b.1865-d.1926)

Barrow, John

Lancaster or London; cabinet maker (fl.1826-48)

Bateman, Matthew

Lancaster, Lancs.; turner (fl.1826-48)

Bertram, -

Address not stated; cabinet maker (fl.1878)

Exhibited a carved cabinet in Chippendale style at the 1878 Paris Exhibition.

Beynon, George, William and David

Carmarthenshire, Wales; cabinet maker (fl.1851-1923)

Bishop, J

Address unrecorded; cabinet maker (fl.1825)

Blea, —, Swerford, Oxon., ‘Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, Carver Gilder, Sign Decoration Painter’ (c. 1830–40). So reads heading of bill which continues ‘Projecting Word Letters carved, Brass Door Plates etc. Neatly Engraved’. [Private coll.]

Bogaert(s) (or Bogeart), Peter

London; carver, gilder, upholder (fl. 1786–1819)

Bolt, Thomas, 28 Margaret St, Cavendish Sq., London, cm (1837–38).

Bone, Henry, Truro, Cornwall, then Plymouth, Devon, carver and worker in wood (1755–72).