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Anderton, Henry, Liverpool, cm and upholder (1811–19). In 1811 traded from 18 Sir Thomas Buildings and in the same year is recorded at 2 Marble St with a partner called Jamieson.

Belshaw, Edmund jnr, Liverpool, cm (1802–05). Admitted freeman on 8 July 1802. Took app. in 1802 named Samuel Sharrat, who petitioned freedom in 1818.

Bo(w)yer, Francis

Shrewsbury, Shropshire; joiner (fl.1632-37)

Boon, John, 9 Duke St, Liverpool, with shop at 1 Waterloo Pl., Church St, cm and u (1827). Declared bankrupt, Liverpool Mercury, 25 May 1827.

Cooke, John, Chester, cm (1765–89). Free 18 February 1765 after serving as app. under Philip Prestbury of Chester, cm. By 1771 had set up in business in Eastgate St.

Copeland, Robert, Liverpool, cm (1766–d. 1796). Initially traded from an address in High St but by 1772 had moved to 36 Lord St. The number in Lord St from 1781 was 32.

Cork & Goring, Gt Alice St, Goodman's Fields, London, cm and u (1818). Bankrupt 1818 and their stock sold by auction October 1818.

Duncan, George, South Shields, Co. Durham, cm (d. 1774).

Eckhardt, Anthony George

London, cabinet maker (fl. 1771–98)

Frogley, Arthur, Oxford, master carpenter (1664–95). Worked on the Sheldonian Theatre as master carpenter with Wren, 1664–69. Carried out the panelling in the Hall at Brasenose, and his bill survives for benches, chairs and tables made for it, 1683–84.

Gardner, Matthew, Liverpool, cm (1796–d. 1815). Son of John Gardner, pot painter. Free 25 May 1796. In 1800 at 22 Whitechapel, the number changing to 85 in 1805 and 90, 1807–11. By 1813 at 79 Mount Pleasant.

Gorden, Richard, Exeter, Devon, cm and chairmaker (1763–74). In September 1763 at the sign of the ‘Mahogany-Tree’, Northgate St where he made and sold ‘all Sorts of Cabinet and Chair Work’. He also sold lookingglasses.

Gumley, Elizabeth

London; cabinet maker (fl. 1727-29)

Hasert, Peter, snr & jnr

London; cabinet maker and looking-glass maker (1692–1746)

Head, Jonathon, Gt George St, Liverpool, cm (1813). Sale of his stock in trade ‘by order of the assignees’, by Trother & Magill, cm and auctioneers, advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 9 April 1813.

Hudson, Solomon, house and manufactory at 16 Gt Titchfield St, Cavendish Sq., London, carver and gilder, cm and upholder (1780–93).

Jackson, Joseph, London, cm (1754–d. 1799). At 5 Bull Head Ct, Jewin St in 1754 but from the early 1790s this address was renamed 5 The Crescent, Jewin St. By 1794 the number had changed to 9.

Lee, John jnr, Manchester, cm u and furniture broker (1814–40). At 9 Thomas St and 61 King St, 1814–28. One directory of 1816 adds also 248 Deansgate. Recorded at 61 King St, 1821–29 and no. 24, 1832–33.

Lowe & Houghton, Lord St, Liverpool, cm (1805–09). At Barrack Yd in 1805 and Castle Yd in 1809. In May 1809 the partnership was dissolved and the stock sold off.