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Bell, Isaac senior

Belfast, Ireland; upholder and auctioneer (fl. 1773-1808)

Bladwell, John

Bow Street, Covent Garden, London; upholsterer, cabinet maker and chair maker (1724–68).

Butler, Thomas

13 & 14 Catherine Street, London, upholsterer, cabinet makers and chair manufacturer (c. 1790-1803)

Clarke, Richard

Limerick, Ireland; cabinet maker, upholder and auctioneer (fl.1779-d.1811)

Recorded above the Exchange, 1779-81; near Bow Lane, 1785; Nicholas Street, 1786-92; George Quay, 1805-11.

Coupland, Richard; Lodge & Bell; Bell & Coupland

Lancaster & Preston, Lancashire and London; upholsterer & cabinet maker (b.1814-d.1884)

Flintoff, William

London; cabinet maker, upholsterer, carver and feather bed maker (fl.1775-1807)

Hindley, Charles & Sons

Berners Street & Oxford Street, London; cabinet makers, upholsterers and retailers (fl.c.1820-1892) 

Morley, David

Lammas Street, Carmarthen, Wales; cabinet maker (b.1760-d.1831)

Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., later Morris & Co.

London; designers, makers, artists and upholsterers of furniture (fl.1861-c.1944)

Moss, Jacob

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1778-1783)

Recorded at 22 Grafton Street, 1778-83.

Oliver, Thomas

Torquay, Devon; cabinet makers (fl.1876-86)

Russell, James snr

Fountainwell, Edinburgh, Scotland; upholsterer (fl.1760-d.1789)

Savage, Francis

Dublin, Ireland; upholder (fl.1768-72)

Recorded at 85 Capel Street, 1768-72; 182 Abbey Street, 1785-92.