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Arrowsmith, H. & A.

London; cabinet makers (1853)

Exhibited a zebrawood cabinet with painted panels representing ‘Woman’s History’ at the 1853 New York Exhibition (illus. Meyer (2006), p. 84).

Belschner, F. & Co.

41 Moor Lane, London; bamboo furniture manufacturers (fl.1901)

Bertram, William

100 Dean St, Soho, London; upholder and cabinet maker(fl.1830-60)

Hindley, Charles & Son(s) 

Berners Street & Oxford Street, London; cabinet makers, upholsterers, retailers (fl.c.1820-1892) 

Hook, Jonathan

Chirk, Denbighshire, Wales; joiner (fl. 1677)

Paid 5s per yard for making 587 yards of wall panelling for Chirk Castle in 1677.

Source: Bebb, Welsh Furniture (2007), I, p. 255-6.

Houghton, John snr

Dublin, Ireland; carver and gilder (fl.1726-d.1761).

Jack, George Washington 

London; furniture designer, wood carver (b.1855-d.1931)

Jackson, George & Sons

49–50 Rathbone Pl., Oxford St, London; picture frame maker & architectural ornament makers (1756–1930)

Kohn, Jean-Baptiste

170 Pentonville Road, London; bamboo furniture maker (b.1855-d.1921)

Levien, J. H.

Davies Street, London; cabinet makers (fl.1844-1865)

Mead, Mary Grace

Address not stated; carver (fl.1910)

Nosotti, Charles Andrea 

2 Dean St, Soho & Regent Street, London; carver and gilder, upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1831-1886) 

Omega Workshops

London; furniture designers and finishers (fl.1913-19)

Pryce, Edward

Conway Street, Birkenhead, Cheshire; cabinet maker (fl.1870-1880)

Reeks, Maria

London; woodcarver (fl. 1906-c.1920)

Saunders, W. Gualbert

London; decorative furniture maker/artist (b.1837-d.1923)

Turner, Laurence

Address not stated; carver (b.1864-d.1957)

Waals, Peter

Gloucestershire; cabinet maker (b.1870-d.1937)