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Bijar, Robert and Mary

Dublin, Ireland; japanners and wallpaper sellers (fl.1742-69)

De Caix, Alexander, 15 Rupert St, Coventry St, London, water gilder and burnisher (1791–1819).

Fearnley, John, ‘The Golden Head’, Flesh Mkt, Newcastle, carver and gilder (1757–63).

Foster, Edmund, Hull, Yorks., carver and gilder (c. 1762–1805). Rococo trade card, dating before 1784, gives address at the Golden Boy in the High Street’. Recorded in Lowgate from 1784–99; and North Church Side, 1803–05.

Gosset, Isaac

London; frame maker and modeller in wax (b. 1713–d. 1799)

Hall, John & Sons 

London and Bristol, Somerset; looking glass manufacturer, glass merchants and paint manufacturer (fl. 1788-1966). 

Hancock & Co., London, glass and chandelier manufacturers (1820–35). Supplied items to Chatsworth, Derbs., between 1820 and 1835, totalling £913 10s 5d.

Hancock & Rixon

1 Cockspur Street; lamp lustre makers (fl.1832–57)

Hervé, François 

Johns (or John) St, London, cabinet and chair maker (fl.1781–96) 

Hollin(s)worth, William, address unrecorded, u (1758–61). The 4th Duke of Bedford ordered ‘a neat French commode’ from William Hollinsworth for £16 16s in June 1758, probably for Woburn Abbey. In the following October he paid W.

Jean, Peter Dominique, near Windmill St, Tottenham Ct Rd, London, ormolu maker (1764–1807). As Jean Dominique, he is recorded in the Royal Household accounts and Jourdain, Regency Furniture trading at Marshall St as a gilder and founder, 1783/95.

Jones, Aaron, Bristol, carver and gilder (1757–84). At Tower Lane (or Tower Hill) until 1774 when he moved to 10 Clare St. In 1757 he provided a wooden chandelier to the Moravian Chapel in Bristol. In 1758 took app. named Horner.

Kelly, John junior

Dublin, Ireland; carver and gilder (fl.1765-75)

Langlois, Pierre

39 Tottenham Ct Rd, London; cabinet maker (b.1718-d.1767)

Marshall, John

London; cabinet maker, upholder, joiner and chair maker (1793–1840).

Messenger and Sons

Birmingham, metal workers (fl.1862-86)

Newton, Isaac

Dublin, Ireland; carver, gilder and looking glass seller (fl.1777-87)

Nix, George

Covent Garden, London; cabinet maker (fl.1716–51)

Quintin, Thomas, London, glass-maker (c. 1760–1810).

Robinson, James

Dublin, Ireland; joiner, cabinet maker and carver (fl.1761-78)

Thought to be the son of the cabinet-maker James Robinson (d.1747). Recorded in Lower Abbey Street, 1761-70; 27 Capel Street, 1768-78.