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Barefoote, Josiah, London, cm and u (d. 1744). Sale of stock announced in Daily Advertiser, 19 May 1744: ‘The Upholstery & Cabinet Goods of Mr Josiah Barefoote, deceas'd within Two Doors of Durham Yard in the Strand, viz.

Bundock, William, 53 Gt Russell St, Bloomsbury, London, u, cm and undertaker (1807–15).

Chapman, Thomas, Old Bethlem, London, cm and bedsteadmaker (1748–83). App. to John Price, upholder of London, in September 1741 for seven years. Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754.

Dalton, George

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl. 1767-75)

Made Freeman of the City of Dublin as an Upholder by Service, Easter 1767.  

Durham, John

London, cabinet maker and upholder (1821–35) 

Eyre(s), James & Large, James, 226 Piccadilly, opposite ‘The Black Bear Inn’, London, carpet, bedding, cabinet warehouse and manufactory, undertakers (1777–99).

Gablin, Thomas, London, upholder (1710). In 1710 moved from the ‘Blackamoor's Head’ in Chandos St to the ‘Blackamoors Head’ in Bedford St, Covent Gdn.

Graham, Joseph & partners

London; cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1767–1829)

Hand, Peter

Dublin, Ireland: upholder and auctioneer (fl. 1753-65)

Recorded at Back-lane, near Nicholas Street, 1753; Phoenix Street, 1753-65.

Hutchinson, John, address unrecorded, u (1762–67).

James & Playfair, 14 New Bond St, London, trunk and plate case makers (1797–1817). Claimed to be suppliers to ‘Their Majesties, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York’, and were successors to ‘Mr. Broomfield’.

Mayhew, John (1736–d. 1811) and Ince, William (d. 1804)

London; cabinet makers (1758/59–1804) 

Moss, Jacob

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1778-1783)

Recorded at 22 Grafton Street, 1778-83.

Reed, Paul

Dublin, Ireland; joiner and cabinet maker (fl. 1771-75)

Recorded at the sign of the Sun in Bride’s Alley, 1771-5.

Reid, John, William, George, Ann(e) & James, 53 Goodge St, London, cm (1781–1856). John Reid first paid rates on 53 Goodge St in 1781, and died in February 1803. From 1813– 23 George Reid is named as the occupier; and in 1824, Anne Reid.

Trimnell, Charles, Bath, Som., upholder, auctioneer and appraiser (1784–85). Trading in partnership with Thomas Trimnell at Westgate St in 1784 and alone there in 1805.

Wilson, Walter

Lancaster, Lancs. and Strand, London; cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl.1752-97).