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Alexander, H. & A. G. & Co. Ltd

Eastfield, Rutherglen, Glasgow, Scotland; furniture makers (fl. 1901-3)

Bosworth, James, Hereford, cm and u (1830–35). Ten bills dated 1830–35 from Bosworth to Capt. N. L.

Carter, Adcock, address unknown (1833). Payments made in February 1833 by 3rd Lord Braybrooke of Audley End for a music stool (7s) and a picture frame (2s). [Essex RO, D/DBy/ A358]

Davies, John

53 King St. Carmarthen, Wales; cabinet maker and upholsterer (b.1813–fl.1874)

Dover, J., address unrecorded. Provided Nichaolas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and London, with a music stool, receiving £1 5s on 16 November 1815. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/4] See W. Dover.

Force, Charles, 193 High St, Exeter, Devon, cm (1831). Announced in The Alfred, 7 June 1831, public auction of his stock of cabinet and upholstery furniture and premises to let with possession.

Hall, John, 122 Old St, London, bed pillar, bedstead, chair and sofa manufacturer (1817–27). Trade card, showing engravings of two Regency chairs and turned and carved bedposts, reads: ‘J. Hall, BED PILLOW, Chair, & Music Stool Manufacturer, No.

Kilpin, Joseph, High St, St Mary's, Bedford, u, cm, appraiser and paper hanger (1823–30). Between 1823–28 submitted seven accounts to John Gibbard Esq., of Sharnbrook near Bedford for work undertaken, and goods supplied.

Mayhew, John (1736–d. 1811) and Ince, William (d. 1804)

London; cabinet makers (1758/59–1804) 

Nickson, Samuel, Bridge St Row, Chester, cm and u (1802–27). Listed also at Commercial Buildings in 1816. Free 3 July 1802. Subscribed to Sheraton's Cabinet Dictionary, 1803.

Oakey, —, Liverpool, cm (1819). On 10 December 1819 Messrs Taylor & Pinnington advertised the coming sale of Oakey's utensils and stock ‘on the Premises 25 Tarleton-street Church-street’.

Senior, John, Widemarsh St, Hereford, cm and upholder (1837).

Smith, Joe

Gibraltar Gardens, Bethnal Green, London; furniture maker (fl.c.1910)

Taylor, Charles, 27 Basnett St, Liverpool, cm and upholder (1821–24). Sale of stock on declining business ‘on account of ill health’ advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 14 May 1824.