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Adams, George

London; upholder, cabinet maker, auctioneer and undertaker (fl.1777–1828)

Baron, William jnr, Whimple St, facing Broad St, Plymouth, Devon, cm, u, auctioneer, appraiser, undertaker, patent mangle and household furniture dealer (1822–26).

Bradburn(e), John

London; cabinet maker, upholder, appraiser, undertaker (fl.1750–d. 1781)

Brown, W., 6 Gt George St, Liverpool, cm and u (1832–34). Advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 18 May 1832, that he ‘has removed from 41 St. James Street to No. 6 Great George Street’. Sale of stock announced, same paper, 2 May 1834, ‘of Mr. W.

Copland, Henry, Gutter Lane, Cheapside, London, engraver and designer (1720–d. 1753). Trained as a silver engraver. App. to goldsmiths in 1720 and 1724. His engraved work popularised the Rococo style.

Dover, W., address unrecorded. Provided Nicholas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and Bloomsbury, London, with two hall chairs, receiving £2 15s on 26 April 1814. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/4] See J. Dover.

Ellis, John (Jonathan)

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl.1701-35)

Glenister, Thomas snr

Temple End, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire; chair maker (b. 1837-c.1891)

Hallpike, V

Settle, Yorks.; cabinet maker (fl.1798–1837)

Harmer, B

address unrecorded; chair maker (fl.c.1800)

Hartley, J. or T.

Lancaster, Lancs.; chair maker (fl.1799)

Hepplewhite, George, Redcross St, Cripplegate, London, cm (d. 1786). A very elusive figure recorded in only one trade directory [Lowndes, 1786] as Kepplewhite & Son (sic), cm of 48 Redcross St.

Kennett, Robert & Kidd, William, London, u (1766–95). Amongst the Chancery Masters’ Exhibits in the PRO is an account book of a furniture-making firm for 1792–95.

Lawson, James

4 Chandos St, Covent Gdn, London; cabinet maker (fl. 1763–78)

Mackenzie, Alexander & Blissatt (or Blisset(t))

Marylebone St, Golden Sq., London; cabinet makers and upholders (1784–1815)

Martin & Parry, address unrecorded. On 8 January 1832 supplied Sir Charles Blois of Cockfield Hall, Yoxford, Suffolk, with three hall chairs costing £7 8s. [Suffolk RO, HA30: 312/418] Probably:

Masters, William, at ‘The Golden Fleece’, Coventry St, Piccadilly, London, cm, upholder, appraiser and undertaker (c. 1740–61).

Mayhew, John (1736–d. 1811) and Ince, William (d. 1804)

London; cabinet makers (1758/59–1804) 

Moore, James jnr, London, cm and u (c. 1690–d. by 1734). We have no record of James Moore's birth, but as his father, James snr was born c. 1670 it might be assumed as c. 1690. He was presumably app. to his father, but again there is no confirmation.

Morley, David

Lammas Street, Carmarthen, Wales; cabinet maker (b.1760-d.1831)