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Adams, George

London; upholder, cabinet maker, auctioneer and undertaker (fl.1777–1828)

Baron, William jnr, Whimple St, facing Broad St, Plymouth, Devon, cm, u, auctioneer, appraiser, undertaker, patent mangle and household furniture dealer (1822–26).

Brown, W., 6 Gt George St, Liverpool, cm and u (1832–34). Advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 18 May 1832, that he ‘has removed from 41 St. James Street to No. 6 Great George Street’. Sale of stock announced, same paper, 2 May 1834, ‘of Mr. W.

Copland, Henry, Gutter Lane, Cheapside, London, engraver and designer (1720–d. 1753). Trained as a silver engraver. App. to goldsmiths in 1720 and 1724. His engraved work popularised the Rococo style.

Deacon, C. W.

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire; chair & couch manufacturer (fl.1878-1887)

Deas, William

Edinburgh, Scotland; furniture painter (fl.1776-81)

Dover, W., address unrecorded. Provided Nicholas Pearse of Loughton, Essex, and Bloomsbury, London, with two hall chairs, receiving £2 15s on 26 April 1814. [Essex RO, D/DHt A1/4] See J. Dover.

Ellis, John (Jonathan)

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl.1701-35)

Glenister, Thomas snr

Temple End, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire; chair maker (b. 1837-c.1891)

Hallpike, V

Settle, Yorks.; cabinet maker (fl.1798–1837)

Harmer, B

address unrecorded; chair maker (fl.c.1800)

Hartley, J. or T.

Lancaster, Lancs.; chair maker (fl.1799)

Hepplewhite, George, Redcross St, Cripplegate, London, cm (d. 1786). A very elusive figure recorded in only one trade directory [Lowndes, 1786] as Kepplewhite & Son (sic), cm of 48 Redcross St.

Lawson, James

4 Chandos St, Covent Gdn, London; cabinet maker (fl. 1763–78)

Mackenzie, Alexander & Blissatt (or Blisset(t))

Marylebone St, Golden Sq., London; cabinet makers and upholders (1784–1815)