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Gimson, Ernest

Leicester, London, Pinbury & Sapperton, Gloucestershire; architect, chair maker, furniture designer and workshop owner (b.1864-d.1919)

Guthrie, J. & W.; Guthrie & Wells

Glasgow, Scotland & London; stained glass makers, decorators of interiors and furniture (fl.1852-1900)

Haig, Thomas, St Martin's Lane, London, cm (1754–d. 1803). A Scot, who was book-keeper to Thomas Chippendale's first partner James Rannie and remained with the firm after his master's death in 1766.

Jack, George Washington 

London; furniture designer, wood carver (b.1855-d.1931)

Mayhew, John (1736–d. 1811) and Ince, William (d. 1804)

London; cabinet makers (1758/59–1804) 

Norman & Stacey

118 Victoria Street, London; furniture makers (fl.c.1900)

Parry, William

Llanbedr, Meirionydd, Wales; joiner (b.c.1850 – d.c.1922)

Presswell, William snr, Exeter, Devon, cm (1816–33). At Sidwell St in 1816 but by 1822 had moved to 188 Fore St, an address that he was to continue to occupy until his retirement in 1833. In December 1829 his daughter Sarah married R.

Richard, -

Henllan Amgoed, Carmarthenshire, Wales; carpenters (fl.1800-1900)

Thomas, John

Rhostryfan, Caernarfonshire, Wales; carpenter (fl.1853)

Tiffin & Sons, 30 Gt Marylebone St West, London, u and bedding manufacturers (late 18th century). Made a settle at Kiplin Hall, Yorks. [V&A archives]

Tristram, Thomas, Liverpool, and Settle, Yorks., cm (1765–98). In 1765 petitioned freedom on birthright as son of William Tristram, cooper, freeborn. Admitted freeman of Liverpool on 9 December 1776. Recorded at Settle in 1798, and died there.

White, J. P.; The Pyghtle Works

Bedford; joiners & furniture makers (fl.1896-1960)