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Adron, W. & C., New Rd, Fitzroy Sq., London, marble masons and scagliola workmen (1835). Repaired and polished scagliola and marble table tops and pedestals at Windsor.

Bradburn(e), John

London; cabinet maker, upholder, appraiser, undertaker (fl.1750–d. 1781)

Brodie, Francis

Lawnmarket and Cowgate, Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet maker, wright, and glass grinder (b.1708-d.1782)

Bullock, George

Birmingham, Liverpool and London; sculptor, cabinet maker and designer (d.1818)

Chapman, Edward, address unknown, cm (1723). A receipt signed by Edward Chapman for £5 5s and dated 17 May 1723 exists for goods supplied to Paul Foley Esq., of The Temple and Little Ormond St, London, and Newport House, Almeley, Herefs.

Cheere, Sir Henry, St Margaret's, Westminster, London, carver (b. 1703–d. 1781). For details of the work of this noted sculptor in stone see Gunnis. Amongst the Blackett accounts for Fenham Hall, Northumb.

Chenery, Benjamin, near the Cornhill, Ipswich, Suffolk, carver (1743–59).

Crofts, Henry, London. In 1718 supplied four marble tables costing £10 to the Duke of Montrose for his London house in Bond St. [Scottish RO, GD 220/6/28/P85]

Cullen, James

Edinburgh, Scotland and 56 Greek St, Soho, London; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1736-79)

Del Vecchio, James, snr and jnr. also Vecchio and Co.

Dublin, Ireland; print seller, manufacturer of plaster of Paris and looking glasses, (fl. 1797-1859)

Fort (or Forst), Alexander, London, joiner (c. 1645–1706). App. to Henry Phillips, 1659. Master Joiner in the Office of Works, 1678, but not able to take it up until 1688.

Fradin, Abraham, Haymarket, London, u and cm (1744). Auction announced in Daily Advertiser, 22 October 1744 of the ‘Household Furniture, Stock in Trade and Lease of the late Dwelling-House of Mr. Abraham Fradin, Cabinet-maker, next Door to Mr.

Goodwin, P., address unknown, carver (1721–23). Worked at Chicheley Hall, Bucks. In November 1721 he was paid 10s 6d for carving ‘ye Cornishes’ and in 1722 £24 12s for ‘marble table and other things’. In January 1723 received a further £3 0s 6d.

Hardy, James

address not stated; mason (fl. 1702-20)

Hubbard, J. P., address unrecorded. On 23 August 1818 received £4 14s 6d by William Baldwin in full payment for a marble table he provided for Endsleigh House, near Tavistock, Devon. [Bedford Office, London] Probably John Peters Hubbard.

Johnson, Robert

London; carver and gilder (fl. 1737–49)

Kennett, Robert & Kidd, William, London, u (1766–95). Amongst the Chancery Masters’ Exhibits in the PRO is an account book of a furniture-making firm for 1792–95.

Lawrence, Richard, address unknown, carver (1732–37). In connection with Cley, the Duke of Montrose's house in Norfolk, he is recorded supplying marble tables ‘& glasses for the tabernacles’ at a cost of £71. These were paid for in 1732.

Mercer, George, near Cavendish Sq., London, carver (1740–80). According to Gunnis, Dictionary of British Sculptors, p. 258, he was a subscriber to Kent's Designs of Inigo Jones, and was employed at Longford Castle in 1740.

Moore, James jnr, London, cm and u (c. 1690–d. by 1734). We have no record of James Moore's birth, but as his father, James snr was born c. 1670 it might be assumed as c. 1690. He was presumably app. to his father, but again there is no confirmation.

Pelletier, Jean/John

London; carver and gilder (fl. 1682–1704)

Peter, Alexander 

Edinburgh, Scotland; cabinet maker and wright (fl.1713-1772)

Sandall, Thomas, Richmond Green, Surrey, cm (d. by 1753). In August 1753 the sale of the stock in trade, tools and utensils of the late Thomas Sandall was announced.