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Cairnton, J

Edinburgh, Scotland; wright (fl. 1786)

Deering, William, Gt Newport St, Long Acre, London, Venetian blind and game table maker and retailer (1769). Advertised in Middlesex Journal, 16 May 1769, as the ‘original maker of Venetian blinds.

Duplain, Claude

Dublin, Ireland; upholder, furniture seller, Toyman and Laceman (fl.1740-69)

Graham, Joseph & partners

London; cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1767–1829)

Hubbard, John, address unrecorded, cm (1810). Submitted a bill to the Duke of Northumberland in 1810 for a ‘mahogany eliptic breakfast table’ costing £2 10s; two square ones at £3 3s; a backgammon box, £1 4s; and a tea tray. [V&A archives]

Humberston, J., Baldock, Herts., cm, u and undertaker. Trade card, c.1820–30, is illustrated with elaborately-draped curtains, tip-up breakfast table, pole firescreen, sofa, chair and armchair. [Heal Coll., BM]

Keene, John, Oxford St, London, cm (c. 1820). Label recorded on a Regency rosewood breakfast table with brass inlay banding, supported on a circular pillar with a concave three sided base.

Kemp, George

Cornhill London, upholder, cabinet maker and glass grinder (fl.1755–97)

Miller, James, Holkham Hall, Norfolk, and London, carver and gilder (1755–75). His only recorded work is that carried out at Holkham Hall, Norfolk.

Moore, William

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker and joiner (fl.1745-d.1759)

Robinson, James

Dublin, Ireland; joiner and cabinet maker (fl.1701-d.1747)

Seddon, George I

Aldersgate St, London; cabinet maker (fl. 1753–d.1801)

Wilkinson, William; Wilkinson & Sons; W & C Wilkinson

Wilkinson, William & Thomas

9 and 10 Broker Row, Moorfields, London; cabinet maker (fl.1790–1808)