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Annott & Gale; Charles Annott & Co.

New Bond Street, Old Bond Street, Euston Road and Avery Row, London; furniture makers & curiosity dealers (fl.c.1850-83)

Bayley, Daniel, at ‘The White Bear’, Aldermanbury, London, cm (1713–d. c. 1729). A bill of November 1713 paid by Mr Bempde(?) for Mr Child lists ‘A Desk upon Drawers’, costing £2 10s. [V & A archives; Harris, Old English Furniture]

Bell, Elizabeth

‘The White Swan’, against the South Gate, St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet maker (1740–c. 1758).

Bertram, William; Bertram & Son

London; upholsterer, looking glass maker, carver, gilder and cabinet maker (fl.1839-1902)

Bindon, Stephen, Eastbourne, Sussex (c. 1750). Mahogany kneehole desk recorded with the words ‘Stephen Bindon, Eastbourne’ inlaid in ivory on the centre drawer. Possibly name of owner rather than maker. [Collector's Guide, January 1951]

Blair & Sons, Liverpool, cm (c. 1800). Small kneehole desk recorded bearing stamp. Made of solid padoukwood presumably imported into Liverpool about the turn of the century and made to the owner's specification.

Cleare, Thomas

‘The Indian Chair’, south side of St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet maker (fl.1724) 

Hall, Joseph, Hull, Yorks., cm, carpenter and joiner (1740–54). Son of Joseph Hall, joiner; admitted burgess in 1740. In 1749 his app.

Hyde, Robert

Worksop, Notts.; table maker (fl.1786)

Le Gaigneur, Louis Constantin(?)

19 Queen Street, London; maker/supplier of ‘buhl’ furniture (fl.c.1814-21)

McKenzie, Thomas, 3 Derby St, Whitechapel, Liverpool, cm (1823). Advertised sale of remaining stock on declining business, in Liverpool Mercury, 28 February 1823, to take place on 6 March.

Pritchard, William

Philip Lane, Aldermanbury, London; cabinet maker (fl.1760)

Wright, David

Church St, Lancaster; joiner and cabinet maker (fl. 1747–66)