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The Austrian Bentwood Furniture Co.

London; bentwood furniture makers (fl.1881-92)

Bell, Philip

St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet maker and upholder (1758–74) 

Bowen, -

Carmathen, Wales; cabinet maker (fl.c.1790)

Bradgate, Elisa, address unrecorded, u(?) (1725–26).

Bradley, Richard

Horsemarket, Warrington, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl.1796–1808)

Bradley, Robert, Horsemarket, Warrington, Lancs., cm and u (1805–48). Declared bankrupt, Liverpool Mercury, 27 June 1817, but trading again from 1818–48; recorded wrongly as ‘Beadley’ in 1818. Secretaire bookcase, c.

Brown, W., 6 Gt George St, Liverpool, cm and u (1832–34). Advertised in Liverpool Mercury, 18 May 1832, that he ‘has removed from 41 St. James Street to No. 6 Great George Street’. Sale of stock announced, same paper, 2 May 1834, ‘of Mr. W.

Cox & Son(s); Cox, Sons, Buckley & Company

Southampton Street & Lambeth, London & Thames Ditton, Surrey; church & domestic furniture makers, retailers, carvers and gilders (fl.1853-1935)

Davies, Samuel

Tremle, Cwrtnewydd,  Llaenwnog, Cardiganshire, Wales; lipp-worker (fl. 1910)

A cradle by this maker is illustrated in Bebb (2007), fig. 1206.

Source: Bebb, Welsh Furniture (2007), II, p. 292.

Dingwall, Alexander, Leicester Fields, Charing Cross, London, upholder and cm (1749–74). Polled at Westminster in 1749.

Durham, John

London, cabinet maker and upholder (1821–35) 

Gregson, Joseph

Liverpool, Lancs., and London; upholsterer and interior surveyor (fl.1806–d. 1827).

Hampton, Isaac & Co.

Liverpool, Lancashire; bassinette [cot] makers (fl.1890)

Holinshade, —, King St, Drury Lane, London, cradle maker (1803). Named in Sheraton's list of master cabinet makers. Possibly William & Joseph Hollinshed.

James, Robert

Bristol; cabinet maker and upholder (fl. 1784–1831)

Jones, John

Canarth, Carmarthenshire, Wales; cooper? (fl.c.1820-1850)

A cradle by this maker has been recorded, with the rounded ends constructed in a coopered fashion (illus. Bebb (2007), fig. 1223).

Kettle, Henry

St Paul's Churchyard, London, cabinet maker, upholder and undertaker (fl. c.1773–97)

Knowles, Richard

London; cabinet maker (1783–93)

Lazarus, Owen

Llanbedr-goch, Anglesey, Wales; carpenter, joiner (fl.1853)

Mallet, Francis Peter

48 Clerkenwell Close, Clerkenwell Green, London, cabinet maker and upholder (b. 1729–d. 1799)

Mansioun, Andrew

Edinburgh, Scotland; carver, wright and gunner (fl. 1535?-d.1579)