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Audas & Leggott; Leggott & Co.

Paragon Street & South Street, Hull, Yorkshire; cabinet & art furniture makers (fl.1877-86)

The Austrian Bentwood Furniture Co.

London; bentwood furniture makers (fl.1881-92)

Campbell, Collin

The Liver Works, West Derby Street, Liverpool, Lancashire; bedstead & mattress manufacturers, chair & couch manufacturers and general furniture manufacturers (fl.1882-c.1899s)

Cooper, Charlie

Turin Street, Bethnal Green, London; overmantel maker (fl.c.1900)

Deintje, Julius Adolphe

London; cabinet maker, art furniture maker and merchant (fl.1881-1891)

Fawkes, F. A.

London Road, Chelmsford, Essex; chimney piece & over mantel maker (fl.1892)

Froom, William

136 Strand, London; carver and gilder, looking-glass and picture frame manufacturer (fl.1825–39)

Gimson, Ernest

Leicester, London, Pinbury & Sapperton, Gloucestershire; architect, chair maker, furniture designer and workshop owner (b.1864-d.1919)

Goslett, Alfred & Company

London; carvers, gilders, upholsterers, furniture and looking glass manufacturers (fl.1835-1911)

Hall, William

London; cabinet maker (b.1838 – d.1908)

Harding, Arthur

Bethnal Green, London; cabinet maker (b.1886)

Holdom, W. M.

73 Scrutton Street, London; cabinet maker, art furniture manufacturer and merchant (fl.1881-1886)

Jarvis, J. W. and M.; Jarvis, Matthew

City Road & Curtain Road, London; furniture makers (fl.1871-86)

Larmuth & Sidebotham

Union Street, Cross Lane, Salford, Manchester, Lancashire; art furniture manufacturers and merchants, church decorators & school furniture manufacturers (fl.1883-86)

Lawes, Kitchen & Booth; Lawes, T. & Co.; Lawes, Thomas, Randell & Co.

Lebus, Louis & Harris

London; furniture makers (fl.1887-1969)

Marris & Norton

Birmingham, Warwickshire; bedstead manufacturer, retailer, cabinet maker and upholsterer (fl.1875-89)

Martin & Co.

Newman Street, Oxford Street, London; makers of cabinet mouldings, overmantels & panelling (fl.1884-5)

Mills, Charles & Co.

Bradford, Yorkshire; cabinet makers (fl.1876-91)