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Abel, John

Abbey Dore, Herefs.; joiner (b.1577 – d.1674)

Atkinson, William

Lancaster; furniture painter (fl.1798)

Baldock, Edward Holmes

Hanway St, London; furniture dealer, restorer, etc. (b. 1777–d. 1845)

Coleman, Martha

Dublin, Ireland; upholsterer and blanket manufacturer (fl.1726-d.1732)

Felster, George

Dublin, Ireland; upholder, auctioneer and picture dealer (fl.1697-d.1742)

Felster, John

Dublin, Ireland; upholder and auctioneer (fl.1698-1701)

Hewatt, C., Lancaster. Named in the Gillow records in 1813 working on a screen, and in 1814 on a press. [Westminster Ref. Lib., Gillow vol. 344/99, pp. 1943 and 1967]

Hodson, —, address unrecorded, cm (1733–42).

Iverson & Eidam

6 Tottenham Street & 14 Little Howland Street, London; cane, bamboo and wicker furniture manufacturers (fl.1881-6)

Jennens & Bettridge (later John Bettridge & Co.) 

Killarney Furniture Industries

Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland; cabinet makers (fl.1895-1914)

Liberty & Co.

Regent Street, London; furniture makers and retailers (1875-2020)

Light, C. & R.

 Shoreditch, London; furniture makers and suppliers (fl.1855-c.1925)

Lloyd, Mrs

Dublin, Ireland; japanner (fl.1726)

Mikado Bamboo Co.

Gooch Street, Birmingham, Warks.; bamboo furniture makers (fl.1893)

Norman & Stacey

118 Victoria Street, London; furniture makers (fl.c.1900)

Oetzmann & Co.

London; upholsterers, furniture makers (fl.1848-c.1930)

Omega Workshops

London; furniture designers and finishers (fl.1913-19)

Page, Harcourt M.

23 Coventry Street, London; carvers & gilders (fl.1862-71)

Pryce, Edward

Conway Street, Birkenhead, Cheshire; cabinet maker (fl.1870-1880)

Robinson, Joshua

Dublin, Ireland; japanner (fl.1740-d.1747)