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Benson, W. A. S.

London; metalwork designer & manufacturer (b.1854-d.1924)

Gibson, John S.

51 North Hanover Street, Edinburgh, Scotland; wood carver and modeller (fl.1884-6)

Le Sage, John

St James's, London carver (1685–1706)

A craftsman probably of Huguenot extraction, who attracted Royal and aristocratic patronage.

Lecand, Benjamin Louis, Samuel & William

246 Tottenham Court Road, London W; cabinet makers, carvers & gilders (fl. c.1841- c.1900)

Rand, C.

Address not stated; furniture maker (fl.1916)

Maker of a coffee table in lime-tree, sycamore, cherry, designed by W. A. S. Benson, and shown at the Arts and Crafts Exhibition at Burlington House in 1916.

Steevens (Stevens), John & Arthur

Taunton, Devon; carvers, cabinet makers and upholsterers (fl.1841-86)

John Steevens (b.1811) was recorded as a cabinet maker from 1841 in Taunton.

Thomas, William John

Pentreberw, Anglesey, Wales; carpenter (n.d.)

This man bought ash and lime trees from the Gwydir estate in Conway valley at an unspecified date.

Source: Bebb, Welsh Furniture (2007), I, p. 311.

Trollope, Joseph; J & G Trollope; Trollope & Sons; George Trollope & Sons

London; cabinet makers, paper hangers, upholsterers and house agents (fl. 1787-1890)