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Ashlin, William, 6 Belton St, Long Acre and 68 Strand, London, carver, gilder and looking-glass maker (1789–1826). Initially trading solely from the Belton St address.

Blomfield, Anne, Cambridge, u(?) (1694). Named in St John's College account bks being paid £1 3s 2d for ‘11 yds. of Holland for Curtains for the Masters Lodge and for rings, tape and making’.

Bramah, J. & Sons, west end of Piccadilly, London, ‘Patent Engine Lock & Water Closet Manufacturer’ (1807–23).

Constantine, William & Co., 3 South Parade, Leeds, Yorks., cm and u (1834–40). The autobiography of Thomas Wilkins records that his brother was employed as foreman carver by Constantine from the mid 1830s at 28s a week.

Copeland, Richard jnr, Liverpool, joiner and cm (1761–d. 1779). Free on 9 February 1761. Took apps Thomas Battersby (free 1768) and Samuel Holland (free 1768), both from London.

Cragg, James, London, cm (1793–1835). Recorded as a subscriber to Sheraton's Drawing Book, 1793 but not listed in directories until 1808. In that year he is shown at 1 Holland St, Soho, but before the end of the year had moved to 88 Tottenham Ct Rd.

Cross, Edmund, Colchester, Essex, joiner and cm (1742–72). Took apps named Fridge in 1750, Thomas in 1755 and Holland in 1761. Examples of patronage to him by the local gentry are known.

Daguerre, Dominique

Sloane St, Chelsea, London; cabinet maker (fl.1789–d. 1796)

Dawes, Bartholomew, 20 Carlisle St, Soho, London, u, cm and undertaker (1826–39). Worked for Lord Viscount Lowther in July 1838, ‘Reframing a Gilt Cabriole Sofa thoroughly repairing Do. and making good the carving’, for £2 15s.

De Caix, Alexander, 15 Rupert St, Coventry St, London, water gilder and burnisher (1791–1819).

Delabrière, Louis A., Tenterden St, London, decorative furnisher (1795–1816). Employed by Henry Holland at Carlton House, his name appears in the Prince of Wales's Debt Book in July 1795, when he was established in Tenterden St.

Erwood, James, 3 Brownlow St, Holborn, London, billiard table and backgammon board maker (1815–39). Recorded in partnership with Alfred Erwood, 1815–25; and alone, 1822–39. J. & A.

Erwood, Solomon, 3 Brownlow St, Holborn, London, billiard table maker (b. 1741–d. 1813). Trade card [Landauer Coll., MMA, NY] reads ‘Maces, Cues &c.

Ferguson, Mary, address unrecorded, cm or furniture dealer (1686).

Gosby, Edward, London, carver and gilder (1826–39). In 1826 at 2 Thornton St, Horsleydown, and in 1839 at 60 Holland St, Blackfriars. [D]

Hervé, François 

Johns (or John) St, London, cabinet and chair maker (fl.1781–96) 

Hughes, Robert, 115 Piccadilly, opposite Green Park, London, undertaker, u and cm to their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (1827–39). Submitted a bill to the Rt Hon. Lord Gwydir, receipted on 5 June 1827.

Smith, Charles

Lower Grosvenor St, London; upholder (fl.1781–1825)

Squire, William, London, cm and u (c.1730). Two different trade cards of this maker are known. One lists an address at ‘The Three Tents and Lamb’ within Bishopsgate, near Cornhill.

Taprell, Stephen & Holland, William, London, cm, u, chair and sofa manufacturers (c. 1803–35) succeeded by Taprell, Holland & Son (1835–43).

Tatham, J., address unrecorded, u (1789). In the first volume of Henry Holland's accounts for work done to his order at Woburn Abbey, 1787–89, Tatham is shown to have received £1 16s ‘for upholsterer's work’, but no details are given.

Trindale, John

Dublin, Ireland; joiner and picture frame maker (fl.1699-1710)