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Barnsley, Sidney Howard

London & Gloucestershire; furniture designer, furniture maker and architect (b.1865-d.1926)

Custance, William

Norwich & Fakenham, Norfolk; upholder and cabinet maker (fl.1788-94)

Dalrymple, Hugh

London; upholder and undertaker (fl. 1809–c.1829)

Evans, Cadwalader, address unrecorded, cm (1724–30). Carried out much jobbing and general repair work for the Monson family. Bills to Lady Mary Saunderson submitted between 1724–30 totalled £85 0s 11d, and refer generally to furniture repairs.

Leland, Ralph

Dublin, Ireland; looking-glass manufacturer (fl.1726-d.1743)

Brother of Robert Leland.

Marshall, John

London; cabinet maker, upholder, joiner and chair maker (1793–1840).

Mills, Charles & Co.

Bradford, Yorkshire; cabinet makers (fl.1876-91)

Moore, William

Dublin, Ireland; cabinet maker and joiner (fl.1745-d.1759)

Owen, John

Liverpool, Lancashire; upholsterer (1790–d.1830)

Richardson, Samuel, London and Derbyshire, joiner and cm (b.c.1650–d.c.1736).

Roentgen, Abraham

London; cabinet maker (b.1711–d.1793)

Smith, Wright

Norwich; cabinet maker (fl.1762–d.1791)

Trollope, Joseph; J & G Trollope; Trollope & Sons; George Trollope & Sons

London; cabinet makers, paper hangers, upholsterers and house agents (fl. 1787-1890) 

Tucker, Elias, Exeter, Devon, cm, chairmaker and u (b.1755–d.1835). Recorded as Elias at All Hallows, Goldsmith St in Exeter Militia list, 1803, and at Gandy St, 1809– 35. Trading as E. Tucker & Son at Gandy St, 1813–39.

Webb, F. W.

Worcester, Worcestershire; furniture maker (fl.1882)