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Farnborough Hill; carpenter (fl.1822)

Anderton, Henry, Liverpool, cm and upholder (1811–19). In 1811 traded from 18 Sir Thomas Buildings and in the same year is recorded at 2 Marble St with a partner called Jamieson.

Anderton, William, Liverpool, u and cm (b. 1750–d. 1812). Trading on his own account as early as 1777, in which year he was declared bankrupt. Had recommenced business by 1781 when he was trading from 17 Dale St.

Beaumont, —, Baldwins Gdns, Gray's Inn Lane, London, cm (1789). James Pingay, carpenter, took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1789 on a brick house in Baldwins Gdns in the occupation of Beaumont for £200, and on timber workshop behind, £50.

Belshaw, Edmund jnr, Liverpool, cm (1802–05). Admitted freeman on 8 July 1802. Took app. in 1802 named Samuel Sharrat, who petitioned freedom in 1818.

Bennett, John

Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales; cabinet maker (fl. 1837)

Bettridge, Josh., ‘Worcester Wharf, top of Severn St, Birmingham, English and Foreign Timber Merchant, Mahogany and Rose Wood Veneers, Wood Turner, Carver Bedstead Pillar Manufacturer’ (1838).

Bianco, D. & Sons

Fitzroy Works, North Crescent, Chenies Street, Tottenham Court Road, London; furniture manufacturers (fl.1880-1936)

Bisbrown(e), Cuthbert, Liverpool, cm and builder (1762–77). Trading at Paradise St in 1766, with wareroom at Temple St, and timber yard at Park Lane, Tythe Barn St. Took app. named Nernon in 1762.

Bois, Lazere Des, ‘The Clock Case, Northside of Farmers Buildings’, High St, St Giles-in-the-Fields, London, cm (1730).

Bower (or Borver), Joseph, London, cm, upholder and broker (1778–96). Trading at 12 Old Round Ct, Strand, 1778–93, with timber workshop adjoining in Vine St, Covent Gdn in 1792; and 64 Gt Queen St, Lincoln's Inn Fields, by 1796.

Bream, Samuel, Gt Yarmouth, Norfolk, cm and chairmaker (1774–1807). Addresses given at the ‘Tea-Chest’, Charlotte St in 1776; Blind Middle St, 1779–80; and near the New Hall on the Quay, 1780–87.

Bromwich, Henry, Gt Russell St, Bloomsbury, London, frame maker (1779). Took out a Sun Insurance policy in 1779 for £600, £120 accounting for timber workshop, utensils, stock and goods. [GL, Sun MS vol. 274, p. 213]

Brown, George, London, u and cm (1808–28). Addresses given at 13 Broad St, Soho, 1808–11; 403 Oxford St, 1820–21; and 4 Regent St by 1824.

Bryde, Thomas, Liverpool, cm and timber dealer (1805–16). Trading at 8 Whitechapel in 1805; 11 White St with timberyard in Cornwallis St, 1810–14; and as a timber dealer at 11 St James St in 1816. [D]

Butler, Thomas

London; cabinet maker and upholder (fl.1787–1814)

Chapple, Charles, Exeter, Devon, cm (1819–24). At St Thomas in 1819 when the death of his wife was recorded. By 1822 at North St and in the following year at 26 Holloway St.

Chew, William

12 Lord St, Liverpool, Lancs.; upholder and cabinet maker (b. 1784–d. 1824)

Chippendale, Thomas jnr

St. Martin's Lane, London; cabinet maker (b.1749-d.1823)

Cleator, George, Liverpool, cm (1767–82). At 7 Atherton St, 1767–81 according to directory entries but in 1782, the year of his retirement, he was in Lord St.

Cole(s), James, Wendover, Bucks., chairmaker (1823–30). Trading at Aylesbury St, also as a timber dealer, in 1830. [D]

Comings, Matthew, Dorchester, Dorset, joiner and cm (1732). On 9 December 1732 insured his dwelling house, outhouse, shop, workshop, ‘timber house’ and cellar with his household goods and stock therein for £200. [GL, Sun MS vol. 37, ref. 59502]

Connor, Anne

Cork, Ireland; cabinet maker (fl.1770-74)

Widow of Michael Connor (d.1770).

Recorded at North Gate, 1770-4.

Cooke, John, Chester, cm (1765–89). Free 18 February 1765 after serving as app. under Philip Prestbury of Chester, cm. By 1771 had set up in business in Eastgate St.

Copeland, Robert, Liverpool, cm (1766–d. 1796). Initially traded from an address in High St but by 1772 had moved to 36 Lord St. The number in Lord St from 1781 was 32.