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Ashlin, William, 6 Belton St, Long Acre and 68 Strand, London, carver, gilder and looking-glass maker (1789–1826). Initially trading solely from the Belton St address.

Barr, W.

90 Curtain Road, London; cabinet maker, chair maker and metal bedstead maker (fl.1874-7)

Benham & Froud

London; metalworkers and wooden coalbox makers (fl.c.1855-c.1893)

Benson, W. A. S.

London; metalwork designer & manufacturer (b.1854-d.1924)

Brawn, Thomas

64 Clement Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire; art metal furniture worker (fl.1874)

Brierley & Co.

Essington Works, Sheepcote Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire; bedstead manufacturers & retailers (fl.1877-86)

Brookes, J. & H.

Cape Bedstead Works, Birmingham, Warwickshire.; metal bedstead manufacturers and retailers (fl.1877-1886)

Bullock, George

Birmingham, Liverpool and London; sculptor, cabinet maker and designer (d.1818)

Carter, Thomas, Stone St, Maidstone and Blue Town, Sheerness, Kent, cm, u, tin man and brazier (1790–1834). The earliest reference to this business occurs in the Maidstone Journal, 27 July 1790.

Chubb & Son; Chubb & Co.

London; furniture lock smiths, furniture makers; art metal workers (c.1818-1977)

Clark, C.

Phoenix Iron Works, Walmer Road, Notting Hill, London; metal bedstead manufacturer and retailer (fl.1876-86)

Cook, B. & Son; Cook, E.

Birmingham, Warwickshire & Manchester, Lancashire; metal bedstead manufacturers & retailers (fl.1877-1886)

Coventry Art Metal Works

Coventry, Warwickshire; art metal furniture makers (fl.c.1865)

Cox & Son(s); Cox, Sons, Buckley & Company

Southampton Street & Lambeth, London & Thames Ditton, Surrey; church & domestic furniture makers, retailers, carvers and gilders (fl.1853-1935)

Cox, John, Clare, Suffolk, cm, u, appraiser and auctioneer (1796–1803).

Crosbie, R. L. & Company

Birmingham, Warwickshire; Manchester, Lancashire & London; bedstead manufacturers, retailers and metal bedstead manufacturers (fl.1877-1890)

Crutchley, G.

95 Pritchett Street, Birmingham; metallic bedstead manufacturer (fl.1883)