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White, Stephen (1811-16)

White, Stephen, Liverpool, u (1811–16). At 12 Derby St in 1811 but by 1813 the number was 11. In 1816 at 2 Silver St with a shop at 20 Paradise St. In December 1816 he was declared bankrupt and in January of the following year his stock was disposed of by auction for the benefit of his creditors. On offer was a ‘large assortment of modern Brussels, Venetian, Kidderminster & Patent Carpeting, Hearth Rugs, handsome figured Oil Cloths of various widths, a great variety of Paper Hangings with rich Flock & Plain Borders of the newest Patterns, Morines, Chintz Furnitures, Trimmings, Bed Ticks, Mattings etc: & excellent Mahogany Articles in Dining, & Drawing-room Chairs, Secretaire & Bookcase with glazed Doors, Wardrobes, Chests of Drawers, Sideboard, Dining, Loo, Library, Pembroke, Card, Work & Snap Tables, Bed Steps, Night Chairs, Sandwich Trays, Hat Stands, Music Stools, Guardevins, Cribs, Brassbound Portable Desks, Tea Chests, Caddies, Shaving Cases, Backgammon Boxes etc: Couches, Sofas & Lounging Chairs in black Hair Cloth, Chamber Articles in Japanned Chairs, Tables & Washstands, Mirrors, Pier & Dressing Glasses’. Supplies of horsehair, upholstery materials, mahogany, rosewood and deal, brass work and seven work benches were also on offer. In May 1817 a first dividend of 8s in the £ was declared. [D; Liverpool Mercury, 20 and 27 December 1816,17 January 1817,2 May 1817]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.