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Whistler, Gabriel (1760-1805)

Whistler, Gabriel

Dublin, Ireland; upholder (fl.1760-1805)

Son of Gabriel Whistler and made Freeman of the City of Dublin as an Upholder by Service, Easter 1760. Whistler was elected Warden of the Upholders’ Guild from 1770 to 1771 and Master from 1784 to 1785. In 1787 and 1799 he was elected onto the Dublin Common Council for the Upholders’ Guild. Recorded at the sign of the Easy Chair in Aungier Street, 1763-6?, in partnership with Thomas Hawkins; 66 South Great George’s Street, 1769-99 and 53-55 Exchequer Street (Salesroom), 1792; 69 South Great George’s Street, 1800-5. Advertised in Faulker’s Dublin Journal for 10 April 1770: ‘To be sold by Auction by Gabriel WHISTLER, Upholder and Auctioneer, on Thursday, 19th inst. April 1770 and the succeeding Days, the entire Household Furniture of the late Rev. Dean DELANY [d. 1768], at his house in Delvill in Glassnevin, the Furniture consists of crimson Silk Damask, Four-post Beds with Mahogany carved and ornamented with Pillars, Window Curtains and the Hangings of Rooms to match ditto; green Damask Four-post Beds, Paragon, Callimanco and checque ditto, with Window Curtains and Chairs to Match, Stuffed Back and Seat Chairs covered with crimson English Mohair, and Window Curtains of the same, best seasoned Feather Beds, Blankets and Quilts, large Pier and Chimney Glasses allowed to be as good Plates as any in this Kingdom, Indian and Mahogany Cloaths Chests with every other Requisite in the Furniture Way, and in the present Taste, which will be more fully expressed in Hand Bills’. Took as apprentice his son Robert G. Whistler, made Freeman of the City of Dublin as an Upholder by Birth, Christmas 1785.

Source: Glinn & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 278.