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Telford, William (1829-68)

Telford, William

Dublin, Ireland; carver, gilder, looking-glass manufacturer (fl. 1829-68)

In 1829 at 8 East Arran Street, Dublin as looking-glass manufacturer. 1830 at 2 East Arran Street and in 1833-37 described as carver and gilder, looking-glass manufacturer, same address. 1838-40 at 61 Capel Street. 1841-68 at 145 and 137 Abbey Street, Upper. Trade Card (collection Gillman) ‘WILLIAM TELFORD, Carver, Gilder & Picture Frame Manufacturer, 145 Upper Abbey Street, DUBLIN’. Son probably William Telford jnr., organ builder of Dublin.

Source: Glin, ‘Dublin Directories and Trade Labels’, Furniture History (1985).