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Presswell, William snr (1816-33)

Presswell, William snr, Exeter, Devon, cm (1816–33). At Sidwell St in 1816 but by 1822 had moved to 188 Fore St, an address that he was to continue to occupy until his retirement in 1833. In December 1829 his daughter Sarah married R. Anning, grocer, at St John's Church. He also had a son William who traded independently of his father in Fore St from at least 1825. William Presswell snr announced his retirement in September 1833 and his stock was sold by auction on 16 September. This consisted of ‘handsome sets of mahogany, zebra and rosewood loo and card tables; sets of dining tables, in 1 set on pedestals, 11 ft. 3 by 4 ft. 8; a set of telescope, 9 ft. 10 by 4 ft. 2; and a set of pillar and claw ditto 6 ft. 6 by 4 ft. 6; sets of mahogany and rosewood dining room chairs; handsome mahogany sideboards, dwarf wardrobes; wash and dressing stands; dressing glasses; cheval glass plate 3 ft. 1 by 1 ft. 9; mahogany Pembroke tables; butlers’ trays; mahogany and other 4 — post bedsteads, feather beds, folding straw mattresses etc. etc. — Also several pairs of carved mahogany and other bed pillars; mahogany, rose, satin, and other woods in plank and veneers; working benches, tools, patterns etc.’. Debtors of the business were requested to settle their accounts with William Presswell jnr. [D; Exeter Flying Post, 31 December 1829, 12 September 1833]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.