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Kent, Bartholomew (1727-1803)

Kent, Bartholomew, Side, Newcastle, u (b. 1727–d. 1803). App. to William Smith of Newcastle whose daughter he later married. After receiving his freedom traded in London and Bath, Som. for seven years. In 1755 returned to Newcastle to take over the business of William Smith, his father-in-law, on his death. He used his experience of the London trade to buy stock in the capital for his business. In June 1757 he advertised that he had returned from London with an assortment of paper hangings and in 1760 in addition to fresh supplies of these he had ‘morines, harateens, cheneys, Turkey, Wilton and Scotch carpets, quilts, blankets’. By 1801 John Kent his nephew had joined him as a partner in the business but the arrangement was probably unsatisfactory as it was terminated by July of that year. Kent died in January 1803 aged 75 and the business was continued by his niece Elizabeth Willcox who was later partnered by her son, Bartholomew Kent Willcox. Bartholomew Kent took app. named Watson in 1761. Kent's name is recorded in the Strathmore papers, 1759–71, but the amounts paid out are very small, with the exception of an account for £9 3s in 1759. [D; Newcastle Courant, 7 June 1755, 18 June 1757, 25 July 1801, 29 January 1803; Newcastle Journal, 16–23 August 1760; Durham RO, D/ST/277, D/ST/v1510, D/ST/v995; S of G, app. index]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.