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Kearney, Joshua (1797-1849)

Kearney, Joshua

Dublin, Ireland; carvers, gilders and looking glass manufacturers (fl. 1797-1849)

Dublin directories record him at 186 Great Britain Street as carver and gilder (1797-1804); 49 Henry Street (1805-44), where from 1831 the business is described as ‘Carver & Gilder & Looking Glass & Patent Lamp Warehouse’; 47 Henry Street (1845-49). Changed to George Kearney at the same address (1850-51). Oval trade labels include those on four gilt-framed miniatures of the Ribton and Hayes family at Eastnor Castle, and a pair of gilt and plaster framed drawings at Glin Castle, Co. Limerick, (illus., Glin, Furniture History (1985), fig. 20), printed ‘KEARNEY’S Looking Glass Warehouse N. 49 Henry Street Dublin’.

Source: Glin, ‘Dublin Directories and Trade Labels’, Furniture History (1985).