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Gillespie, Sarah (1870-1900)

Gillespie, Sarah

Rossbeigh, Co. Kerry, and Malahide, Co. Dublin, Ireland; carver (fl. c. 1870-1900)

Sarah Gillespie was born Sarah Roberta Peppard, one of five sisters living near Killorglin, Co. Kerry. As well as Sarah, two other sisters, Maggie (c.1847-1922) and Attie, became carvers. Sarah married Lt Col. Gillespie and moved to 12 St James’s Terrace, Malahide, Co. Dublin. After her death her carvings were taken by her daughter to London, where they were destroyed by bombing during the Second World War. Only one example of her work survives, a frame for a tapestry carved in softwood (illus. Kinmonth, Furniture History (1997), p. 287). See also Walker, Margaret.

Source: Kinmonth, ‘The Peppard Women: Kerry Wood-Carvers of the Nineteenth Century’, Furniture History (1997).