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Getskell (Gaitskell), William (1769-1804)

Getskell (Gaitskell), William

Lancaster, Lancs.; cabinet maker (fl. c.1769-1804)

He was paid for work in June 1773, January 1774, and between May and in September 1774 he received £25 17s 4½d. for making a variety of different types of furniture. The pieces included oval tea trays, new pattern (Wyatt pattern) chairs, window sofas, a Pembroke table and sofas. In July he made two armchairs with 'best splat backs' with ‘shaped front rails both ways and moulded legs’ for Mr. Edwards, who was probably the customer of Pye Nest, near Halifax. He was paid 18s.6d. He made five ‘new pattern mahogany chairs-Wyat’s pattn. for TE' in July 1774 and two armchairs to match these were for Thomas Egerton, John Dixon made another six Wyatt pattern chairs in Jul 1774; they were all part of an order for sixteen chairs placed by Thomas Egerton of Heaton Hall, near Manchester and were the prototype Wyatt pattern chairs illustrated in Stuart (2008), pl. 108. In August he made six mahogany veneered splat-back chairs with moulded legs at 6s 3d each. The three upright splat chair pattern introduced in 1780 was also made by William Getskell in a slightly different form in 1783 with cabriole legs. He made a variety of furniture in 1783 including cheese wagons, bidet frames, a bookcase with a plain frieze and Tuscan cornice, two sideboard tables with veneered tablets, window stools and chairs with Chinese backs, three splat back cabriole and an easy chair. The easy chair with wings was fitted with iron quadrants ‘… fixed back in common form not crooked’. Some of the furniture was finished by waxing as, for example, the three splat cabriole armchairs; Gillows noted ‘…all the chairs polished with wax'.  On 5 July he made ‘...7, 3 splat cabriole turned legs crossbanded & 1 small long band 12s.5d all chairs polished with wax £4 6s 11d'. He earned £19.3s.2d. from January to the end of July 1783. He was named on 21 February 1789 in the Gillow’s Petty Cash Book. He made a pattern easy chair with quadrant elbows and square legs in June 1792 which was sketched in Gillow’s Petty Ledger and in January 1793 he made a gouty or invalid chair.  His work was listed in their Petty Ledgers between c.1769-1804. He was also a tenant of Gillow’s paying £4.9s.0d. per annum in 1792-93.

Sources: DEFM; Stuart, Gillows of Lancaster and London 1730-1840 (2008), II, pp 237-38.