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Fenlon, Patrick (1857-1893)

Fenlon, Patrick

Great Britain Street, Dublin, Ireland; carver and gilder (fl. 1857-93)

Listed at 45 and 62 Great Britain Street, 1857-93. Trade label reads ‘PATRICK FENLON, Carver & Gilder, Wholesale & Retail Looking Glass and Picture Frame Manufacturer 45, Gt Britain St Opposite Dominick St Dublin’. Another label found on the back of rococo mirror in the style of 1760, mentions ‘Chimney, Pier and Dressing-glasses in Great Variety. Old Glasses Polished and Resilvered and Frames Regilt. Window Cornices Made to Order. Painting, Engravings Cleaned, Lined and Restored’. Journal and other manuscripts with the Fenlon family, including bills, and these reveal that Fenlon supplied carved and gilt pier tables as well as mirrors.

Source: Glin, ‘Dublin Directories and Trade Labels’, Furniture History (1985).