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Egan, Daniel (1846-1941)

Egan, Daniel

Dublin, Ireland; carver, gilder and print seller (fl. 1846-1941)

Recorded in directories at 11 Bachelors Walk, 1846-7; at 26 Lower Ormond Quay 1848-50, also noted as looking-glass and picture frame maker; 25 &26 Lower Ormond Quay 1851-1913; 1914-17 at 25, 26 & 27 Lower Ormond Quay, listed as dealer in works of art, old pictures, engravings, furniture &c., also framer and gilder. In 1918 moved to St Stephen’s Green and in 1930-41 at 4 Molesworth St. These latter addresses were presumably those of Egan’s sons or successors.

A trade label survives on the back of a frame print, reading: ‘From DANIEL EGAN, Carver. Gilder and Print Seller, 26 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin’. Two others are on the backs of frames of the portraits of General Vallancey and Sir John Robert Kane, in the Royal Irish Academy.

Source: Glin, ‘Dublin Directories and Trade Labels’, Furniture History (1985).