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De Groot, Cornelius (1813-1817)

de Groot, Cornelius

Dublin, Ireland; carver, gilder and picture-frame maker (fl.1800-1817)

Recorded at 69 Aungier Street, 1800 and 1808; moved to 10 Aungier Street 1809-12; 6 (or 60?) Henry Street 1813. He ceased trading in 1817. An overmantel mirror labelled by this maker is illustrated in Glin & Peill (2007), p. 268 and in Jones, Regional Furniture (1993), p. 32. Another label has been recorded advertising de Groot as a ‘Bronze Figure Manufacturer’.

Source: Jones, ‘An Anthology of Regional Furniture with Maker's Identification’, Regional Furniture (1993); Glinn & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 293.