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Davis, George (1750-1755)

Davis, George

Dublin, Ireland; upholder and cabinet maker (fl. 1750-55)

Recorded at Kevin's Port 1750-5. Advertised in the Universal Advertiser, 4 October 1755: ‘To be sold by Auction, by Andrew Barnwell, Upholder and Auctioneer, at Geminiani's greatroom in Dame-street, on Wednesday, the 8th of October, 1755 the stock in trade of Mr. George Davis, Cabinet-maker, (He intending on quitting said business). Consisting of mahogany desks and bookcases of different kinds, two beautiful mahogany clothes presses, tallboys with plain and banister tops, burow's, mahogany and oak dining tables, plain and carved card and tea tables, voider tables, dumb waiters, coopers, bason stands, pole screens, several sorts of walnut and mahogany chairs, mahogany spinning wheel, with several other kinds of cabinet work. The sale to begin at 11 0'clock each day, and continue till all is sold.

N.B. — Such ladies and gentlemen as shall be pleased to honour said sale with their company, may depend upon finding their accounts therein, as there will not be one article set up during the sale, but was the property of Mr. Davis, and will be likewise warranted goods in their kind. The goods may be viewed on Monday and Tuesday before the sale. Said George Davis, continues to sell by wholesale and retail, at his timber yard in Kevin's-port, oak and Swedish timber, with Norway and all kinds of deal board, and oak for coffins. He also makes plain oak and covered coffins’.

Source: Glinn & Peill, Irish Furniture (2007), p. 273.