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Chapman, Thomas (1748-83)

Chapman, Thomas, Old Bethlem, London, cm and bedsteadmaker (1748–83). App. to John Price, upholder of London, in September 1741 for seven years. Subscribed to Chippendale's Director, 1754. Already trading on his own account by 1758 when he was licensed to employ four non-freemen for six months. From this date until 1775 he was a frequent employer of such labour and in 1760 was using as many as thirteen non-freemen in his business. Initially his address was 17 Old Bethlem (or Bedlam) but by 1787 the number had changed to 13. In 1779 his workshop, utensils and stock were insured for £375, out of an entire insurance of £700. The nature of his trade is well described on his trade card [Heal Coll., BM] which states that he made and sold ‘Mahogany Tea & Dining Tables, Chamber-Tables, Tea Boards, Waiters, and TeaChests’. He was also able to undertake ‘Bed Carving and Joyners Work on Bed Cornishes, Window Cornishes, Teastors and Head Boards, Settees, Beauroes and Field Beds’. [D; GL, Sun MS vol. 275, p. 11; City Licence bks, vols 2, 8; Heal]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.