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Brown, Ralph (1768-1808)

Brown, Ralph, Newcastle, u (1768–1808). Trading at ‘The Royal Tent, Foot of the Side’, 1768–1792; and Dean St, no. 8 from Mosley St, 1792–1808. Trade card of elaborate Rococo design shows tent, sofa and French chair in the Chippendale style. [Banks Coll., BM] Advertised in Newcastle Courant, 19 November 1768, that he was journeyman to William France, ‘and wrought at several of his Majesty's Palaces … and is becoming partner of Mrs. Elizabeth Webster’. Announced in same paper, 29 February 1772 that partnership was dissolved. Advertised again, 14 February 1778, and 14 April 1781; and gave notice of his removal to Dean St, 14 April 1792. Worked for Lord Strathmore at Gibside, Co. Durham, between 18 June 1791 and 20 November 1801, receiving a total of £166 5s ¾d supplying items including ‘bed sacking’, ‘check coverlids’, ‘Fashionable Bell Ropes, Chintz Tassels’, and ‘Nailing Down Wilton Carpets’. [Durham RO, Strathmore MS D/St/ Box 206; D/St.v.998–9; 350/7 and 9a] Declared bankrupt, Billinge's Liverpool Advertiser, 26 March 1798. [D; R. W. Symonds, Furniture Making in 17th and 18th Century England, p. 31]

The original entry from Dictionary of English Furniture Makers, 1660-1840 can be found at British History Online.